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10 World Famous Turkish Artists

10 World Famous Turkish Artists
  1. Fazıl Say

Fazıl Say, the pianist who gave concerts all around the world and won numerous prizes, is the first to come to mind. He runs a concert within the concert, touching the keys and feeling a lot of emotions. Le Figaro has shown him as one of the greatest artists of the 21st century, as a performer, as a composer and a guest in countless countries on 5 continents, he gives concerts with all the well-known orchestras and leading directors of America, Europe and Asia.The broad repertoire of the artist extends from the Bach to the Vienna Classics, to the contemporary works of romantics and his own compositions.

  1. Güher & Süher Pekinel

Turkish twin piano artists Güher Pekinel and Süher Pekinel are considered the best piano duo of the world. The Pekinel sisters, who have been a state artist since 1991, are performing classical music as well as works in modern music repertoire. There are two important documentaries about Pekinels’ life. The first one was made by the German ZDF channel. The second documentary, ‘Twin Life’, which is a co-production of ARD-ARTE channels, is being repeatedly published on world TVs from time to time.

  1. Şefika Kutluer

The Turkish flute virtuoso Şefika Kutluer, known for her ‘magic flute’ nickname of New York music critic, has been a state artist since 1998. At the same time UNICEF Turkey Goodwill Ambassador. Kutluer gave concerts in countless countries on five continents, like in Madrid in the presence of the King and Queen in their palace, and even in Japan under the cover of Princess Mikasa. Şefika Kutluer who has become a sought-after artist in music organizations and festivals with her popularity in the world, has CDs which are among the most wanted CDs around the world and getting very good critics.

  1. Kudsi Ergüner

Kudsi Ergüner, a master of traditional mevlevi sufi music and one of the best known performers of his instrument, is investigating the roots of Ottoman music and reflecting his knowledge in music. Ergüner, who settled in Paris in the 1970s and founded the Mevlana Institute in the early 1980s, is also a scholar who devoted himself to teaching classical sufi thought. In addition to his own albums, he collaborates with many famous musicians of the world. Some of them are: Peter Gabriel, Jean Michel Jarre, Maurice Béjart, Peter Brook, William Orbit, George Aperghis, Didier Lockwood, Italian singer and composer Alice and Michel Portal.

  1. Sertab Erener

Sertab Erener, who competed for Turkey in the 48th Eurovision Song Contest held in Riga, Latvia in 2003, won first place with 167 points with the title ‘EveryWayThat I Can’.

  1. Tarkan

The most well-known Turkish pop singer Tarkan in the world, is mostly know for his song ‘Kiss Kiss’. “Dudu” song reached 1 million sales in Russia and received the best foreign song award. Even today, you can come across the song ‘Kiss Kiss’ which is played in the clubs all over the world.

  1. İdil Biret

Turkish pianist Idil Biret was 15 years old when she finished the Paris National Conservatory in first place. Since the age of 16 she has appeared on numerous world stages. She played with famous directors at concerts covering 5 continents; participated in many festivals. His albums won many critics’ admiration and led the artist to be described as’ one of the leading piano masters of our time’. Idil Biret’s life, bearing the title of the world’s largest repertoire pianist, was compiled by a French author. In 2007, it was translated into Turkish with the name of ‘A Turkish Pianist on World Stages: Idil Biret’.

  1. Genco Erkal

Genco Erkal, a theater artist, is known not only in Turkey but also abroad. Between 1993 and 1998, Genco Erkal started to play in Paris and at the Avignon Festival in three French productions: ‘Sevdalı Bulut’ from Nâzım Hikmet, ‘Ouvas-tu Jérémie?’ From Philippe Minyana and ‘Alchemist’, adapted from Paulo Coelho’s famous novel.

  1. Ferhan Şensoy

Theater, cinema, television actor; a novel, essay, diary, scriptwriter.  This very talented artist Ferhan Şensoy received the “Best Foreign Writer” award in Montreal in 1975 with the play “Ce Fou De Gogol”. He also played in the Theater de Quatre-Sous in Montreal, in the musical “Harem QuiRit”, directed by him. The “Güle Güle Godot” game was played in Russia with the translation of Huroman Nevruzova, “Ferhangi Şeyler” in Amsterdam and Brussels, “Felek Bir Gün Salakken” in Munich, Cologne, Stuttgart, Essen, Frankfurt, Sydney and Melbourne. Şensoy’s one book is translated into French by Nicole Gagnon and published in Montreal part by part. “Ferhangi Şeyler” was also staged in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, reaching 1.495 performances, while “Felek Bir Gün Salakken” reached 496 performances.

  1. Serra Yılmaz

Actress Serra Yilmaz is one of the sought-after names of the Italian cinema world. So much that she was a jury member in the ‘first work’ category at the 2011 Venice Film Festival. This year she was awarded the Queen of Comedy at the MIX Milano Festival in Italy.