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2 Million Euros of Plastic Raw Material saved with new refrigerator smart production solution


Standing out with its smart production solutions, Simularge has signed a big project with Arçelik within the scope of sustainability for everyone. Simularge offered Arçelik an innovative digitalization solution to minimize the waste of plastic raw materials in the refrigerator production line. Refrigerators, one of Arçelik’s leading products, constitute 35% of the company’s annual production. The company decided to further improve production quality, reduce plastic consumption, and improve its environmental footprint by integrating a digital twin into its production planning and management.

Arçelik acquired Simularge A.Ş., a startup specializing in digital twins. The project team developed a digital model of the thermoforming process by combining high-level engineering formulations, simulation modeling and real-time sensor data. They integrated and fine-tuned the digital twin in the Eskişehir factory. Arçelik’s partnership with Simularge has successfully produced the desired solution. The implementation of the digital twin with real-time operational data has improved product quality, reduced scrap rates and reduced plastic consumption. This has resulted in annual plastic raw material savings of almost $2 million.

Beko Digital Transformation group leader Ömer Faruk Özer: “Two years ago, we were looking for a digital solution to optimize the refrigerator production process. Until this stage, we were doing our work with very costly and manual trial and error methods. We came across Simularge. We learned that they have created an Engineering and Artificial Intelligence platform that we can use to solve this problem. Our next step will be to scale this solution to the rest of our global manufacturing facilities. Simularge met or even exceeded our expectations. We couldn’t have imagined a better companion for our digital transformation journey.” made his comment.

Since its establishment, the company offers analysis, simulation and artificial intelligence software, which are widely used in the field of engineering, to the Turkish industry in an economical and innovative way. Simularge won the Future Industrialist Award by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry in 2017. The company, which has been awarded many support by OIB, KOSGEB, TUBITAK and EU, is a SAHA Istanbul member and is a member of the Engineering, Design, Modeling and Analysis Committee.