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World’s 6th popular tourism country Turkey, hosts every year over 30 million tourists.

Surrounded by sea, and offering historical, natural, cultural richness, Turkey is a very attractive tourism center for people all around the world. Turkey is also rich for its tourism infrastructure. In 2015 the number of tourists was 39,4 millions and obtained 31,4 billion dollars income.

  1. Turkey has 7.200 km coastline and with its 436 blue flag beaches, became very popular among the tourists. Turkey came after world no.1 Spain in this field in the ranking of blue flag beaches. the Aegean side is so rich for its beaches, natural beauties and ancient Greek ruins. The sea is so pure and feels you swim in an aquarium with all wide species of fish. In the South, Antalya is like the pearl of the region and every year attracts a very huge amount of tourists with its beautiful beaches and facilities.


  1. Turkey comes first to the mind when you say geothermal tourism. Turkey is at top list among countries in Europe , having 1.500 thermal springs. Also has a big potential in skiing tourism, water sports, winter tourism, food tourism etc. which offers different kind of beauties to its visitors and make them come again.


  1. Because of being the cradle of civilization, Turkey has a wide history record. Turkey reserves many ancient cities, museums, ancient theatres, palaces, temples and various historical artifacts.


  1. You want to be a part of a winter tourism ? Turkey is the answer for you to offer huge ski facilities with a beautiful nature in winter. Turkey’s most important winter tourism region Uludağ, there are 25 facilities with 13.440 bed capacity. Around 800.000 visitors per year.


  1. Turkey has one of the widest cuisine of the world. With its geographical advantage and the mixture of the civilizations with a great history, Turkey has vary of food for gourmet tourism. From west to the east, North to the South, you can find a very wide range of food among Turkey. That also offers for a big food sector potential for the investors.


Government supporting widely for the development of this sector with the incentives to local/foreigner investors. It aims to keep this growth with the new studies and projects of new tourism facilities.

So, why to wait for entering a new variable market with a western and authentic culture together ! Conexio Consulting as an international company based in Istanbul, where the center of the business and tourism is, helps you to innovate ideas. Be a part of this colorful investment range and discover the potential.