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$70 million investment in solar plants in Turkey

investment solar plants Turkey

Solarex Istanbul Solar Energy and Technologies Fair, which opened its doors on April 6 at the Istanbul Expo Center (IFM), was flooded with domestic and foreign visitors. The fair, where state-of-the-art products are showcased in the international arena and which aims to sign agreements worth millions of dollars, ends today. In Turkey, which has an important solar energy potential due to its geographical location, new projects in this field gained momentum.

Karakan Holding, which has the Doğuş Çay brand under its roof, has invested in solar energy, one of the trend areas of the last period. Karakan Holding, which established a solar energy production panel factory with the aim of reducing carbon emissions, entered the sector with an investment of 70 million dollars.

In an interview with Doğuş Çay Board Member, Fikir Karakan Batallı stated that they consider renewable energy very valuable and said, “Renewable and environmentally friendly energies are very important for the future of our society. By choosing a solar-based production in investments, nature is protected and the country benefits from domestic resources. As Karakan Holding, we will now activate our Solar Energy production panel. “We will both help to provide a sustainable environment and contribute to the growth of SPP projects,” he said.

Stating that they have installed 70 megawatts on the roofs and lands of the factories, Batallı told the story of their new Investment decision as follows: “We decided to make an investment one and a half years ago, starting from here, we said why not produce our own panels. We installed a 300 megawatt line per year. Thus, we are able to produce our own energy.”


Karakan Energy Purchasing Manager Tolga Paşaoğlu stated that Doguş Çay aims to achieve the same quality in food as in solar panels. Expressing that they can produce 65 panels per hour and 1,500 panels per day, Paşaoğlu stated that they provide a 12-year product guarantee and a 30-year performance guarantee.


Batallı gave the following information about the company’s activities: “We produce 1,500 panels a day. These panels are between 525 and 550 watts. At the same time, we provided employment for 1,000 people in our factory in Afyon. We have a great sensitivity to protect the environment. We are in cooperation with TEMA Foundation. Thus, we both protect the environment and provide job opportunities to our citizens in the region.”