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Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, “It is added 85 billion cubic meters to the reserves we recently discovered as result of testing, analysis and detailed engineering studies. Thus, the total natural gas reserves amount in Tuna-1 zone of Sakarya field reached 405 billion cubic meters.”
President Erdogan said that he congratulates the crew of Fatih drill ship and he shared the new amount of the discovered reserve.
Reminding that they sent off the Fatih drill ship to the Black Sea from Haydarpaşa Port on May 29, the 567th anniversary of the conquest of Istanbul, Erdogan said that the ship was assembled, maintained and supplied in Trabzon Port on 20 July, where the Sakarya field is located. He stated that drilling was started in the Tuna-1 zone.
Expressing that the Yavuz drill ship, together with the Barbaros Hayrettin and Oruç Reis seismic research ships, continues its activities in the Mediterranean, President Erdoğan continued his speech as follows:
” Our Kanuni drill ship set out for drilling activity in the Black Sea. Until the end of the year, it will actually start to drill wells. All our drilling ship in Turkey Petroleum Corporation Partnership of the world accounted for about 20 percent of the total fleet of deepwater drilling. Our seismic survey vessels also have the most modern equipment in their field. Our Fatih drill ship was an important step towards nationalizing the equipment and the team. Now, we have taken another step and brought our remote-controlled, advanced technology submarine robot to our oil sector with domestic and national opportunities. Thanks to this submarine robot, which we call ‘Explorer’, we will be able to obtain the electricity needed at a depth of hundreds of meters and video images without any risk by remote control. I wish our submarine robot to be beneficial to our country. ”
Turkey, with particular emphasis on energy activities, especially in the last period, aims at strengthening the independence in the energy field. For this reason, one of the drilling works initiated is carried out in the location called Tuna-1. Danube-1 is located off the Black Sea Ereğli.
The Tuna-1 zone, where the Fatih drill ship is researching, is located approximately 150 km off the Black Sea Ereğli, close to the territorial waters border with Bulgaria and Romania. It is also not far from the largest natural gas reserve in the Black Sea, discovered by Petrom and Exxon 8 years ago in Romanian territorial waters.
Energy Consulting Christoph Merkel said “It would not be surprising finding new reserves in the region. Turkey wants to export gas to be issued here in Bulgaria, Ukraine and Greece may be interested.”
Black Sea and Turkey, which will carry Russian natural gas to Eastern European countries out of my TURKAK gas pipeline was opened in last January.