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Let’s have a close look to the best investment areas in Turkey according to the 2018 investment conditions.

Right now the most interesting investment sectors are in Turkey are construction, clothing, food and tourism.

Construction sector is growing every year 1,5-2% above the Turkish GDP growth. The size of the investment have no much importance in investing in construction, clothing, food and tourism industries in Turkey; considering the actual conditions it is important now that your scope of activities are ralated to these sectors. For example, if you have very high investment capacity, the construction sector is definitely recommended. However, even with small amount of capital you can get involved in this sector as provider of bigger contractors.

In the clothing and fashion sector, high added value is a must. You can establish a newly created brand with a considerable amount of capital and enter the sector directly. If you do not have that capacity you can open a clothing store with between 50-100 thousand liras. Today, all the clothing stores selling quality and cheap products in different styles do business in Turkey, not only from the local consumer but also from turism, that every year atracts millions to buy cheaper than in their original countries, especially arab countries.

In many cities there are companies that are starting to work with these small clothing stores and are currently local holding stores. With the 80 million population and 33 million turists it is not a chance that clothing sector gets a good payback.

One of the sectors that provide the most profitable and fastest cash return for the last 10 years in Turkey is the food industry. Whether you have 5 thousand or 1 million liras of capital, it is easy to enter this sector under many conditions. Customer satisfaction is the best way to be permanently in the food industry and achieve a high turnover. The biggest challenge of the sector is the development of customer relations. If you are going to enter this sector you will need personnel with vast commercial experience and good human touch, and better relations in the sector.

Another profitable sector in Turkey today is the tourism sector. You can also take a place in this sector by opening a hotel, also as a tourists guide firm. The most crucial point of the tourism sector is to be active continuously. Companies in the field of tourism are constantly attracting customers with new campaigns and opportunities. In addition the tourism sector, where the internet is the most important channel to market your services, is commonly used by the Turkish population; almost 50 million citizens use it frequently.