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Turkey will increase wind power capacity up to 30 gigawatts in 2030s

Turkey's National Energy Plan

The Turkish National Energy Plan, which was prepared on the basis of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources’ target of achieving net zero emissions by 2053, and which includes the steps to be taken until 2035, has been published. According to the information compiled by the AA correspondent from the plan, 96.6 gigawatts of […]

The CBRT has made open banking transactions available in Turkey via its website

Open Banking (Open Banking) is a system based on application programming interface (API) and aims to share financial information necessary for the development of financial products and services. Unlike traditional central management of financial data, it relies on a technological network of different financial institutions, enabling them to exchange information more efficiently. In other words, […]

Turkey’s wind energy potential introduced in Germany

  İbrahim Erden, President of Turkish Wind Energy Association (TÜREB), said that they demonstrated Turkey’s industry and investment potential in wind at the WindEnergy Hamburg event.   İbrahim Erden, President of the Turkish Wind Energy Association (TÜREB), stated at the WindEnergy Hamburg Conference and Fair that the event was extremely successful for Turkey within the […]

Turkey ranks sixth in Europe for Combined power plant capacity

  Turkey includes its name on another list 14th in the world, 6th in Europe!  As of the end of March, Turkey’s installed electricity capacity exceeded 100 thousand megawatts, while 86% of the electricity generation investments made in the last 4 years were realized in the field of renewable energy.According to the information obtained from the Ministry of […]

War in Ukraine Hits Turkish Textile Industry

Textile and leather products manufacturers in the ready-made clothing district of Istanbul say that they deeply felt the effects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Industry officials announced that customers in Moscow and Kiev canceled orders worth $200 million last week. Authorities estimate that more than $1 billion in revenue for the textile industry alone is […]

The energy sector meets in Turkey at ICCI 2022

ICCI – International Energy and Environment Fair and conference will be held at Istanbul Expo Center between the dates 16-18 March 2022. ICCI – International Energy and Environment Fair and Conference, where more than 200 local and foreign participants are hosted, makes a significant contribution to Turkey’s energy sector with an annual turnover of approximately […]

Turkey increases wind energy capacity by 40%

Turkey achieved the highest annual capacity increase in its history, with approximately 1.750 megawatts in wind energy last year. The capacity of approximately 1.750 megawatts in wind energy, which was commissioned last year, was recorded as the highest capacity commissioned on an annual basis in Turkey. With this increase, Turkey’s total wind energy installed power […]

Turkey ranks 5th in Europe in renewable energy installed power

Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Dönmez, in his speech on the 2022 budget, announced that the share of domestic and renewable energy sources in electricity generation has increased significantly. Fatih Dönmez said that 74.2 percent of the 24,718 MW installed power that has been commissioned since 2017, and almost all of the power […]

Turkish Banks will provide $2.5 billion in financing to clean energy this year

The financing to be provided will be 55 percent solar energy, 25 percent wind energy, 15 percent geothermal energy and the rest will be investments in biomass and bio-gas power plants. Investment Banking and Finance Director of Garanti BBVA , Emre Hatem, said that the financing provided by banks to the renewable energy sector this […]