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Change starts with Zerobuild Summit 22!

The International Zero Energy Buildings Summit- ZeroBuild Summit’22, organized with the aim of bringing the transformation to ‘Zero Energy Buildings’, which has become mandatory in the European Union as of January 1, 2021, will be held between 23-26 March 2022, hosted by Turkey Build, the 44th Building Fair. .

After ZeroBuild Turkey, which has been held digitally for the past two years, at ZeroBuild Summit’22, which will be held physically this year; The subject of the new generation “Zero Energy Buildings”, which has a very low energy need for heating, cooling, lighting and other consumptions and provides this need entirely from renewable energy sources, will be discussed in all its dimensions. Zero Build Summit’22, organized by the Zero Build Institute, aims to initiate change in the building industry while advancing to the goal of ‘2053 Net Zero’; It will aim to set the agenda for all parties in our country and accelerate the change on the subject of ‘Zero Energy Buildings’, which is of great importance in terms of our country’s economy, individual economy and national security as well as its environmental effects. New products and technologies for zero energy buildings and many industry-leading brands will take place in the international exhibition area, which will be held simultaneously with the summit. At the stands to be set up in the special area reserved for the “ZeroBuild Network Zone”, visitors will have the opportunity to examine the solutions offered in order to operate their buildings more efficiently and to minimize their environmental impact. The summit will also provide start-ups with the opportunity to bring their ideas to life by creating new channels, in today’s world where Turkey’s entrepreneurship ecosystem has achieved significant success.

“Change Starts Here! – Change Begins Here!” ZeroBuild Summit’22, which will be held with the slogan of ZeroBuild Summit’22, will be able to present a roadmap to all stakeholders by sharing application examples from the world and our country, with nearly 100 speakers in 16 sessions for 4 days, as well as “Zero Energy to Buildings” with its architecture-engineering knowledge and production-industry capabilities. ” will tell the public that it is not difficult to reach at all.