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Ecommerce interest of Turkey

The e-commerce market in our country is growing rapidly and in the near future it seems to reach an even more important position not only in the country but also in the World. The increase in purchasing power in Turkey and therefore the increase of personal expenses is an important factor in the growth of e-commerce.

One of the most important reasons for the growth of the e-commerce market in Turkey is also the widespread use of the internet. the vast majority of 46 million internet users in Turkey are credit card users is another factor that contributes to the growth of e-commerce. Retail e-commerce volume growth between 2013 and 2016 was 34% and reached to 17.5 billion TL trade volume.

However, in order for e-commerce activities in Turkey to accelerate further, it is necessary to create an action plan. Under the TOBB framework in 2016, an e-commerce sector parliament was established with a delegation composed of trading companies operating in the sector, public institutions regulating e-commerce and associations supporting e-commerce. There are also some international activities organised in Turkey to catch some attention, and to describe how the potential is important. This year there were two main events in IT.


Java Day Istanbul

Java Day Istanbul is a software conference organized every year by the Istanbul Java User Group (Istanbul JUG) in order to inform the world of IT from the current technologies, developments and trends in security, IOT, Bigdata, Devops, Cloud and software development.


Women Techmakers Istanbul’17

Women Techmakers (WTM) is an international community sponsored by Google to encourage more women to take part in science, technology, engineering and similar industries. The WTM teams, operating in more than 50 countries, come together by organizing meetings throughout the year for these purposes.

New generation has a huge amount of using mobile sites in Turkey which is increasing day by day. Potential consumers don’t want to go out and do shopping, instead they sit and go through their mobile phones. Turkish young people are now more tend to buy things from internet as they can find also more interesting things there. Some of them try to built their websites to sell goods and this leads a very good development and hunger in the sector.