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Turkey has the second highest energy consumption growth after China, making it one of the fastest growing energy markets in the world. Its geographical position and the natural resources, make Turkey a great land to invest and develop clean energy. Here we can see some tips to observe Turkey’s potential in renewable energy:


  1. Turkey produced %32,5 of electricity from the renewable energy resources by the end of 2015 !
  2. %25,8 hydroelectric- %4,4 wind- %1,3 geothermal – %0,6 biogas and %0,4 solar !
  3. Turkey’s wind energy potential is 48.000 MW.
  4. Turkey’s installed capacity in wind energy by the end of 2015 is 4.718 MW. !
  5. %74 of this energy is provided from the Aegean Region and Marmara Region.
  6. Total 2.737 hours of sunshine
  7. Yearly coming solar energy 1.527 kWh/m²
  8. Turkey’s installed capacity in solar energy by September 2016 is 660,2 MW !
  9. In geothermal energy, Turkey has 17 suitable sites. The installed capacity is 91,7 MW.
  10. It is planned in midterm that 18k 23 MW capacity exceed to be done in Turkey in renewable energy !

Turkey, maintains the studies on usage of clean renewable energy resources and news employment fields. Turkey has a national renewable energy action plan, that has been published in December 2014 by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. It is now a very fast growing sector in Turkey that waits for new investments for more clean and green world !