Conexio consulting



People, businessmen, investors, now they all have questions in their mind about doing business in Turkey, especially in Istanbul. The last developments in Turkey offers very good opportunities to develop projects.


Foreign investors  looking forward to invest in East Europe that would like to benefit from the incentives in this region are very welcome in Turkey, that has customs union with the UE, the they search for different possibilities to enter the market, like establishing a company,  exporting and importing collaborations, commercial missions, market studies, investing in different sectors etc. Here we have one sector which highlights above others: logistics. Turkey offers good logistic solutions for those who want to develop business in this region.


Here we have 8 things you must know about this sparkling sector in Turkey:

  1. Turkey is the 30th biggest country between 160 countries in logistic sector.
  2. The Turkish logistic sector capacity is 52 billion dollars.
  3. Turkey’s strategical location between Europe and Asia.
  4. The public and private sector infrastructure investments in the last 10 years has developed widely.
  5. New projects that will be the new logistic hubs for connecting and transferring.
  6. Leading turkish transport companies providing services such as storage, providing services in Turkey and sorrounding countres.
  7. Access to different region markets which constitutes 1,6 billion population.
  8. Turkey is sorrounded by 3 different seas, which connects the country with the 5 continents.


In this sector Conexio is a consulting firm that can provide your company with different solutions to make your business profitable in Turkey.