Conexio consulting

Who we are

CONEXIO provides comprehensive services in the field of business project development to companies and institutions with commercial and investment interests in Turkey and neighboring countries, as well as in the Spanish market and its area of influence, opening these markets to our clients products.

We are passionate about achieving success for your company through our work, introducing your company to new markets, connecting your offer with new customers, making your products available to millions and boosting your sales. CONEXIO’s commitment to its clients is to generate value with a positive impact on your income.

CONEXIO was founded by two former executives of foreign companies with investments in Turkey, with more than 40 years of experience in positions of responsibility in the country. Throughout its history, CONEXIO has been characterized by helping companies become more competitive, opening new markets to its clients focusing on sustainable success.

We provide services to companies with interests in Turkey and its area of influence (Middle East, former Soviet republics, Eastern Europe) and in Spain and its area of influence (EU and Latin America).

Our clients are public and private foreign companies from countries all over the world: Spain, Italy, Russia, France, Portugal, United Kingdom, Peru, Argentina, Singapore or Bulgaria, among others. Since 2011 we have provided services to more than 500 companies.

Our knowledge of the market, culture, customs and working practices, allows us to offer through our services an added value to companies interested in entering new markets in any of its forms, either investing, importing, exporting or opening distribution and sales networks.

Our team consists of professionals from different fields (commercial, tax, legal, labor, HHRR…) with extensive knowledge, skills and experience, results focused, passionate about their work and always searching for excellence.

Corporate philosophy


Our company is a bridge of connection and trust between companies and organizations from different countries.


CONEXIO generates value by connecting, developing and strengthening relations between companies, facilitating dialogue between societies in different countries.


  • We say what we do and do what we say.
  • We work as a team with our clients.
  • We strive to achieve our clients objectives.
  • We respect differences.
  • We work with integrity and enthusiasm.
  • Efficiency as a guide for our work.