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Toni Schumacher

He was at the goal post in Germany which the 82, 86 World Cup finals were played. In the same way, the championship Euro 80 won by his country. Transferred to Fenerbahçe in 1988. He was one of the most important people in the legendary championship of 103 goals. He was kept in mind his own style in one-on-one positions and of course his hat. After Fenerbahçe he played in such important teams as Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Münih.

Mario Gomez

He played for a year, but despite everything, he managed to become the best and clearest goal scorer in the history of Besiktas. He showed his great level of centre- forward here in Besiktas too after Bayern Munich. He become easily the top goal scorer.

Gheorghe Popescu

“The stopper who throws the ball in” was him. It was obvious that he experienced Barcelona. He was the back schemer of Galatasaray who became champion in the league for four consecutive years and continue with UEFA championship.

Guti Hernandez

If there were three passers in the world that had marked the last 20 years, one of them was Guti Hernandez. He was throwing so long balls at 40-50 meters that he was even calculating the running speed of the player he was passing. Besiktas was the only club out of Real Madrid that he played.

Samuel Eto’o

When he came to the Super League, he was looked at with a little suspicion because of his age.  But the football he played in a very short time had an huge impact. He proved that one player who played in clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Inter will never age easily. Especially his first year in Antalyaspor he wasn’t a center- forward, he was a leader who is in the field all around and leading the team.

Roberto Carlos

He was one of the best left player of all time. And that legend played in Fenerbahçe even it was for a short period. Even though he was injured in the middle of the season, he was one of the players who took the team in the Champions League quarterfinal.

Claudio Taffarel

Taffarel, who defended the Brazilian goal post in the 94 and 98 World Cup, had two world finals and won one. He kept in mind in those big tournaments, especially with penalties he saved. However, in the period of Galatasaray he showed his difference with the ability to play the ball. Taffarel, a former striker, taught that goalkeepers are not just saving goals.

Didier Drogba

In his first game in Super League, he was included in the game later. Drogba who shows the meaning of centre- forward, is also able to keep the component away from the game with his ability. He also marked his professionalism as a football player.

Alex de Souza

Between 2004 and 2012, he played an excellent trequartista (scorer with a feature of number 10) with Fenerbahçe. Not only Fenerbahce but everyone respected as a true athlete remained in mind. Statistically (172 goals in 344 games) he was the most stable and top scorer foreigner in the country. When he took the ball to his left foot and the frame entered the radar, scoring for him was the simplest thing in the world.

Gheorghe Hagi

In the 90’s the ‘worlds best’ debate was not in between two people, there were many candidates under ‘worlds best’. One of them was Gheorghe Hagi. After two years of his charming shoots in 94 World’s Cup, he signed for Galatasaray. He was number 10 who experienced the biggest clubs Barcelona and Real Madrid.