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Turkey, with its natural beauty as well as archaeological and cultural wealth has many tourism assets. Also the geographical features of Turkey are attracted by tourism, natural flora and wildlife as well.

Apart from these there are several industries in the country that attract an incrising number of tourists, as follows.

Health Tourism

Due to the fact that our country offers health services at a level that can compete with qualified health services in developed countries, tourists come from all over the world for treatment purposes. Especially after the 1990s, it has been seen that the private sector has made serious investments in health services in addition to the public health services in our country. As a result of these developments, private health institutions have begun to grow especially in big cities where they can compete with European standards. Moreover, the geographic location and trained labour force in the health sector are among the important advantages of Turkey in health tourism.

Turkey is among the top seven countries in the World and first in Europe in terms of geothermal resources potential. The thermal waters of our country have superior qualities than the thermal waters in Europe with their various physical and chemical properties as well as their rates and temperatures. Our thermal waters are rich in natural minerals, sulfur, radon and salt. There are almost 240 spa resorts in our country.

Winter Sports Tourism

Turkey is an important winter tourism center with its high mountains which have never missing snow and the ski resorts on these mountains.

Some of the most important winter sport centers are:

– Erciyes Tourism Center – KAYSERİ

– Palandöken Tourism Center– ERZURUM

– Sarıkamış Tourism Center – KARS

– Uludağ Tourism Center – BURSA

– Ilgaz Tourism Center – KASTAMONU/ÇANKIRI

Hunting Tourism

Hunting tourism is a different tourism practice and the activities that hunters carry out with the principles set to realize their hunting purposes. Wild animals allowed to be hunted in Turkey according to their species and hunting period varies from year toy ear.These changes are determined by the decisions of the Central. Hunting Commission held every year. The following animals are offered for domestic and foreign hunters: bear, mountain goat, wild goat, wild boar, lynx, wolf, jackal and fox.

Congress Tourism

Congress tourism; accommodation, events and relationships that arise when people come together to exchange information on a certain topic, in places where they are always engaged or where they need to work, in scientific fields or professions. Linking Europe and Asia, Turkey is an ideal location for meeting. The first class hotels, accommodation and conference facilities, easy access to the major cities of the World and the beauty of our cities have enabled this tourism activity to develop.


Due to its various geographical features, climate diversity and natural bridge between three continents, the Anatolian Peninsula has a rare plant variety. In terms of endemic plants our country is one of the most important centers of the World. While the number of endemic plants in Europe is 2,750, this number is 3,000 in our country. Botanical tourism made to see these plants in natural environment, especially in Antalya, is developing.

Faith Tourism

In Turkey, work towards the realization of certain activities under the name of faith tourism began in 1995. In Anatolia, there are important visiting centers of Islam, Christianity and Judaism within the scope of religious tourism.

Golf Tourism

With taken into operation of international golf facilities, a new tourism area is developing in Turkey. In our country golf facilities are mostly close to the beach, close to accommodation facilities where high-capacity, high quality eating and drinking, shopping and entertainment facilities are offered.

These facilities offer the opportunity to take a vacation in a nature-oriented environment with the golf courses which are nested with nature. In Antalya, Istanbul, Ankara and Muğla, the planning of golf facilities in international standards, which are included in the scope of investment as well as in business activities, constitute the potential for golf tourism in the future.


Today around 100,000 people are interested in the winter and mountain tourism in Turkey. Turkey, at different heights, with flora and fauna in the forests, mountains and winter tourism and wildlife hunting offers different opportunities for lovers of the sport for both mountaineering and climbing.

Within the next 5-10 years, mountain areas and winter tourism movement for the outer market in Istanbul, Bursa, Erzurum, Antalya and Kayseri regions is expected to develop widely.

Underwater Tourism

Diving for tourism purposes are only allowed to be done in non forbidden places and with suitable equipments. Foreign divers are obliged to dive with a certified Turkish guide if they have official documents about special conditions. With the appropriate equipment the plunge limit is 30 meters.

In order to protect the Turkish archeology and cultural values, it is strictly forbidden to move Turkish ancient artifacts and natural samples. Antalya, Balıkesir, Muğla, Çanakkale, Mersin and Kocaeli are suitable places for underwater diving tourism.