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Bursa, one of the few cities in the world that has succeeded in combining natural beauties with industry and technology, has become the locomotive city of industry in our country. Bursa in on the SilkWay and the entrance gate of the Anadolu peninsula to the west and the entrance to Anatolia from the West, due to its location.

Bursa is making a great contribution to the economy of the country exporting an increase number of products. It has an infrastructure and technological background and located in a key central location in terms of the region’s trade and industry, which facilitates the entrance of its products to the sorrounding markets, Europe, Arab countries and former Soviet republics.

Founded in the 19th century, the foreign-owned silk factories have become the foundations of the Bursa industry. The different industries established by the private sector have also accelerated and improved the process. In Bursa sectors such as textile, automotive, machine-metal manufacturing, agriculture-based industry and food and furniture are leading and producing value.

Bursa is a global attraction center thanks to advanced manufacturing industry and trade. 32 of the 500 largest Turkish companies are in Bursa. Two car factories of Turkey are located in Bursa, Renault and Tofaş (Fiat). The number of factories related to automotive side industry and yarn related to textile industry (nylon, polyester, wool, spools, weaving, towel, dye and embroidery) are quite high. 16 types of machines are manufactured in Bursa such as machines, tools, castings, equipments and machine tools. 32 varieties of auto accessories are assembled in body and accessories.

In 1960s the State Planning Organization provided a large-scale survey to find the most suitable industrial city in Turkey. The research was focused on Bursa,İstanbul, Adapazarı, Adana, Mersin and Zonguldak, as a result Bursa was selected  as the optimum city. Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry had taken over this project and the first organized industrial site, Bursa Organized Industrial Site (BOSB) started operations in 1961. Since then ourcountry has adopted the concept of organized industrial zones in many different cities all over Turkey. Today, there are 18 organized industrial zones in Bursa, you can find them in the following website:

Bursa´s companies have developed a number of local products to be exported all over the World in the last 10 years, thank to the series of projects by the business world and the Metropolitan Municipality. The city became popular with products like first metrobus produced in Turkey, first domestic tram, first national 3D printer, laser chip etc. With the request of Municipality of Bursa, Turkey’s first 100% domestic wind turbines are produced by Turkish firm Northel and established in a plant in Bursa.

Also the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry EnergyCouncil, a cluster of Renewable Energy Machinery, was established. The cluster which has 25 members now, aimed to manufacture domestic machines for renewable energy production and to end foreign dependency on this subject.

Conexio is a consulting firm based in Istanbul, can help you to develop your business acitivities in this rich and welcoming city which is only 2 hours away.