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EXPO 2016 is hosted by Turkey between April-October in Antalya. With the theme ‘Flowers and Children’ and a slogan ‘A green life for future generations’ , EXPO 2016 brings the visitors horticulture, bio-diversity, sustainability and green-city concepts.

There will be 51 participant countries from all around the world including South Korea, Pakistan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Benin, England, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, South Africa, Germany, Serbia and Bulgaria. The organization shares the message of eco-friendly life and a green future each day with several cultural activities and thematic days and reaches millions of people.

Constructed on a huge area of 1121 decare in one of the most touristic places of Turkey, Antalya, studies held for years, EXPO 2016 makes a huge explosion in tourism. Organization helds instructive activities one more beautiful than other. Panels, meetings, seminars, children congress, performing arts and concerts and more activities are done with the participants from all over the world. The special occassions celebrated too like the European Day on 9th May. With the contributions of EU Delegation of Turkey and Embassy of Italy, European Day is celebrated in EXPO 2016 with the students of Akdeniz University and International Antalya University.

EXPO 2016 aims to raise the conscious of green knowledge, protecting the nature and eco-friendly life for the children, future grown-ups, in the most entertaining and educational way. EXPO 2016 is waiting the visitors for a green future.

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