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Health tourism means traveling to another country for any reason (long waiting times, economical treatment or qualified health services etc.) It is the tourism created by people traveling with health purposes to other countries. In other words, in order to improve the physical well-being of the person traveling or to perform aesthetic surgery, organ transplantation, dental treatment, physical therapy, rehabilitation, etc. is a type of tourism that allows the growth of health institutions by using international patients potential together with those that are in need. It has many good contributions to the tourism sector of Turkey. The benefits of health tourism to the country are:

– Contribution toTurkey’s promotion,

-Will open employment areas in new and various professions,

– Income to the country’s economy is very high compared to other types of tourism,

– It will increase the quality of employment,

– It will be an item for closing the current account (1 million health tourists in 2023 and $ 20 billion revenue target)

– Turkey’s medical and thermal investments and sources are worlwide,

– It is an alternative tourism area that will create synergy with winter, nature, faith, cultural tourism types,

-Being a preferred country for health is very important for the international prestige of the country.

The factors that contribute to this development are:

– Getting rid of the long waiting list of patients,

– Quality and shorter time services,

– Access to high health technologies,

– Lowering the cost of health care,

– Together with the treatment purposes, having the opportunity to visit a different country


If people care about their health, health services become competitive and cost differences remain the main factor, the demand for health tourism in Turkey will increase even more rapidly in the future.

The high level of health expenditure in developed countries, the difficulties these countries have experienced in social security systems, the rapidly development of aging population, and developments in transportation technology are the starting points for health tourism. Developments in information technology and the ease with which people have access to all kinds of information have become the driving force for traveling for treatment purposes. Especially demand for plastic surgeons will continue increasing, and there is also an important demand for overseas services. The other remarkable section is the dental tourism. Now we will look closely to the developments.

The high cost of dental treatment abroad has turned the route intoTurkey for dental treatments. According to information provided by the Hospitadent Board Member Selçuk Özbölük, Turkey, especially for implant and aesthetic dentistry, receving patients coming from France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and England, the US and some Arab countries.

Dt. Özbölük, pointed out toTurkey’s tourism potential, experienced health staff and clinics and said Turkey can be world leader in dental tourism and continued: “We turned our way to abroad in the health sector and started to get results. The high cost of dental treatment abroad allows the citizens of these countries to choose Turkey for their dental treatment. For example a tourist arriving in Istanbul sees that the sum of the costs of accommodation, plane and dental treatment is less than the cost of only the dental treatment in any European country. We are about 2-4 times cheaper but maybe they provide very high quality dental service. In this case, we are attracting foreign tourists without any advertisement to come to Turkey.

In Turkey there are 42 clinics that are accredited with JCI (Joint Comissions International) to be suitable for international standarts. The cheaper and qualified services, high qualified hotel services, geographical status and strong technology infrastructure make Turkey a very important center of health tourism.