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Turkey will host very important international sports organizations in 2017 in several different disciplines, from basketball to tekwando, winter sports to athletics.


  1. Deaflympics 2017


23rd Hearing Impaired Olympic Games (Deaflympics 2017) will be held in Samsun between the dates 18-30 July. Sportsmen from 110 countries will participate in 20 different disciplines. Approximately 15.000 people will be accommodated in the Olympic village, which will be formed at the May 19 University Campus for Deaflympics 2017.


  1. EuroBasket 2017

The 2017 European Men’s Basketball Championship (EuroBasket 2017) will be organized in partnership with four countries, including Turkey. The group matches will be played in Turkey (Istanbul), Finland (Helsinki), Romania (Cluj) and Israel (Tel Aviv) between the dates 31st August and 17th September. Basketball fans will be able to watch the championship 2nd round and finals in the 4th group of 24 countries in the Sinan Erdem Sports Hall.

  1. Antalya Golf Tournament

Antalya will host the best golf players in the world. Famous golfers will meet once again in Belek Tourism Zone of Serik district between October 30th and November 5th. Antalya´s, which is one of the highest golf tournaments in Europe, will be hosted this year for the 5th time.