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Iran, country that has a great historical background, It is the present heir of the Persians and the Med Empires, dating back in 625. Especially the wars of the Persians with the Greeks and with the Great Alexander are still stories told from the bottom of History.

Iranian culture is pre-Islamic and has reached the level of daylight by being mixed with the tradition of Islam, afterwards. Iranian culture transmit the Islamic dicipline to law, linguistics, medicine, architecture, philosophy and literature. Official language is Persian and it has been a dominant language in Central Asia and the Middle East for a long time. Iran is, quite interestingly, among the countries that use the Internet effectively in the World, surprising considering its isolated society. The country has the fourth largest number of bloggers in the World.

The Iranians generally eat sitting without table at times and sometimes do not use cutlery. And it is nice to eat with your right hand due to their belief. Every food you are offered is expected to be accepted. It is polite to taste everything you have been offered. The Iranians love to make plenty of treats to their guests. It counts as one of the host duties to offer more than the guests can have to eat.

Iran is the country with the highest rate of nasal aesthetic operation per capita. For Iranian women (and some men) it is a wealth and social status indicator.

Iran is the oldest civilization in the World, but now 60% of the population is under age 30.

Iran is not only a desert country, it hosts a lot of mountains, additionally, you can find a few ski resorts when you reach the summit of the Alborz Mountains just a few hours away from Tehran.

The history of the Iranian carpets dates back 2,000 years ago. The traditional carpet weaving skills of various regions have been transferred to generations over time and recently included in the UNESCO List of Unintended Cultural Heritage.