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Due to the coronavirus outbreak, and getting in quarantine half of the world’s population affected the nature positively. It has been announced that air pollution in the world will decrease to the lowest level since World War 2 this year. In Venice city of Italy, water was cleared with the decrease of boat traffic in the canals.
The only “good” effect of the pandemic was seen in nature after scientists warned governments to reduce global emissions by 2020 to avoid the adverse effects of climate change. Starting from China, where the coronavirus was first seen, quarantines implemented in many countries since January have brought industrial studies to a halt. However, the reduction of land and air traffic was the main factor that reduced global carbon and nitrogen dioxide emissions.
Toxic gas nitrogen dioxide emission in China, which is one of the countries that cause the most air pollution in the world, has decreased by 25 percent due to the quarantine process.
In the USA, which is one of the leading countries polluting the world, in New York state, where the most Kovid-19 cases were observed, there was a 50 percent decrease in carbon monoxide emissions compared to last year. It was reported that traffic density in New York decreased by 35 percent and thus there was a “significant decrease” in the methane level in the air. A sudden drop in nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide levels was detected in many cities of the USA, especially San Francisco.
After quarantine, which started on 9 March in the north of Italy, which is one of the regions with the highest air pollution level in Europe, the rate of nitrogen dioxide emission decreased by 40 percent. Vincent-Henri Peuch, Director of the Atmospheric Service of Copernicus, commented on the table as “an unprecedented situation” and declared that similar signals of changes have started to be received from other European countries where are in quarantine.
Air pollution has dropped significantly in India, where the most comprehensive quarantine in the world has taken place, due to its 1.3 billion population, even after 1 week has passed since implementation started.
Wild animals began to regain control of the areas “occupied” by humans. In many countries, wild animals have came down to the empty city centers in quarantine. A cougar was seen in Santiago, the capital of Chile. Deer was seen on the empty subway in Japan. Vultures started to circulate on the highway where there is no traffic due to quarantine in Ecuador. The killer whale, which is not frequently seen in Canada due to sea traffic, was seen near the shore.
According to the information received from the station data at the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization Continuous Monitoring Center, a noticeable difference in air quality has occurred between March 5 and 19, when the corona virus case has not yet been observed. According to the values measured by the Continuous Monitoring Center of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, air quality was moderate and precise in most of the country, including Istanbul, on 5 March. However, the air quality was generally measured in good quality except for some centers within 14 days after corona virus measures are taken.