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With the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, global trade is being discussed again through concepts such as supply chain, strategic products, security, trust, joint action, logistics, the experts note that Turkey will be in an advantageous position according to many factors like its geographical location, logistics networks, disruptions in the supply chain, emergency response capacity, robust health system and the ability to manage the crisis.
The distrust of developed countries, especially the USA, which started with the claim that China lacked information about the epidemic, raised the question of how tomorrow of global trade will take shape. In the event that China, which is the biggest supplier of trade, is partially disabled, studies have started on which countries can replace this country. Experts, Turkey’s geographical location, logistics network connections, manufacturing capacity, human resources, information and notes that many aspects such as skills in an advantageous position. After Turkey’s outbreak to be experienced in global trade, emphasizing the need to be prepared for a new era experts, Turkey’s mean positive will come from this process.
Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) of Turkey-Israel Business Council President İbrahim Sinan Ak, “In this process, the Israeli business people, geographical proximity and headed for Turkey, where they can trade with reasonable price according to the quality of production.” said. Ak said that Turkey’s steel product exports to Israel, mainly iron, textiles, land, sea and air vehicles, he said with ceramic and glass products.
Ak, who noted that Israel’s exports decreased by 26 percent and imports decreased by 27 percent last month with the effect of Kovid-19, noted that “After the Kovid-19 crisis with China, Israeli producers and importers had to look for alternatives. In this process, the Israeli business people, geographical proximity and headed for Turkey, where they can trade with reasonable price according to the quality of production.”
Pointing out that the speed of virus spread affects commercial relations between countries, Ak said, “Post-pandemic period, Turkey-Israel trade relations would improve and I think it will increase our trade volume. The crisis with China has shown many importers the harms of working in one country. Companies now believe that they will act with the benefit of dividing their manufacturing into several countries. In this process, Israel could not be delivered medical supplies and food products from other countries, Turkey’s help and approval of the products from Turkey or via Turkey were brought to Israel. Thus, companies that need to bring in the products that are urgently needed or need to stock in the short term were able to move forward thanks to the geographical proximity of the two countries. On the other hand, the construction sector in Israel was never stopped in the epidemic process, so there was an increase in the imports of materials required for construction. The size of the impact of the pandemic there was a lot of importers who trade with Europe, so headed to Turkey.”
Defining the reason for the affection of supply chain as the suspension of flights, Ak said, Using the advantages of the geographical location of Turkey, adding it could strengthen its position in the supply chain.
Boğaziçi University Faculty Member Dr. Saltoğlu, stressing that rather than on the question of the new era of global trade in Turkey, Turkey will provide advantages in certain points.
Turkey’s scale, meaning that things will not be done in global trade telling Saltoğlu, ” When a problem on a small scale in China by the Textile was returning to Turkey. We may not be able to produce China’s future products such as chip production. Turkey will certainly come from this harmful process. I think they will assess Turkey as a place of broken relationships in the countries of the global supply chain. In this case, Turkey’s best to be prepared should make the necessary responses. We can also go to an effective position within the EU. The cards are reshuffled after the crisis, Turkey will be replaced and may be advantageous if you play the right game.”