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Since the last year, four meetings has been held between the two presidents of Turkey and Russia., the critical bilateral agenda is being discussed. The relations between Ministries, parliaments and regions are developing, a program signed to increase the bilateral trade and services. new common investment fund to be established (for around 1 billion $).

Also Gazprom will iconstruct a long gas line within Turkey. One of the other objectives is to build industrial partnerships between Turkish and Russian companies, especially in heavy industry, auto industry, chemistry, construction and transportation, also a cultural agreement will be developed.

2019 will be a year of bilateral culture and tourism. There are several meetings to maintain a safe travel and holidays for Russian tourists. Turkey becomes an attractive country again for them.

The crisis between two countries affected very negatively during the last few years. Now also the small enterpreneurs, organizations, associations and export companies are working hard to fix the relations and try to become good trade partners as it was before. These years after the steps taken, many Russian tourists came for holidays and the tourism had a very much better year comparing to the previous one. So the two countries are very important to each other and also the governments are aware, and started to take important steps forward and are getting closer.

There are also very important agreements and meetings on defense sector. For example, recently in september 2017 after many discussions and meetings, President Erdogan announced that “all signed for obtaining S-400s from Russia”. Vladimir Kojin, Advisor to the President of Russia in charge of Military Technical Cooperation, said that Russia and Turkey signed a contract for the delivery of the S-400 missile systems and that the contract will begin to be passed on.

Shown as one of the best air defense systems in the world, the S-400 is capable of destroying both cruise and ballistic missiles as well as manned and unmanned aerial vehicles. With a maximum range of 400 kilometers and a maximum altitude of 30 kilometers, this system can simultaneously hit 80 targets simultaneously locking two missiles to each target.

All these bilateral agreements take both countries on the path of friendship once again.

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