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The increase in electricity production from renewable sources worldwide surpassed in all sources. Electricity production from renewable sources increased by 340 terawatts last year to 2 thousand 805 terawatts last year.
Last year, the highest growth in renewable energy production was 24.3 percent in solar energy. Last year, 724.1 terawatt hours of electricity was produced from solar energy.
Wind energy took the second place in growth with an increase of 12.6 percent. The contribution of wind energy to electricity generation last year was 1429.6 teravat hours.
According to the report, Turkey in the last year a total of 45.3 teravatsaat electricity production from renewable energy sources to meet. The growth rate of renewable energy sources in electricity production in Turkey was 20 percent.
Production in Turkey last year, 21.7 teravatsaat wind energy took place in the first electricity production. Wind energy was followed by other renewable energy sources, such as geothermal and biomass, with 12.7 terawatts of electricity generation. Solar energy took the third place with a total production of 10.9 terawatts.
Kalyon Energy, which won the Renewable Energy Resource Areas Solar Energy (YEKA GES-1) tender launched by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources on March 20, 2017, continues to work in Karapınar rapidly.
In October, 140 employees are working on the construction of the Karapınar Solar Power Plant, where the construction site was installed and the power transmission line and the switchgear facility were completed.
Karapınar Solar Power Plant, which will be established within the scope of Güneş YEKA 1 project, will have a total installed power of 1000 megawatts.
The 1-week energy requirement of a 50,000-population settlement, 1 hour, with the 3.5 million panel solar power plant to be built on 20 million square meters of land in Karapınar YEKA.
Reminding that a factory was established in Ankara to produce the panels of the Karapınar Solar Power Plant, Karapınar GES Construction Site Supervisor Davut Deniz Gürcü said, it is entirely local and national projects with Turkey’s first integrated solar panel factory. Gürcü, pointed out that work on the field is gaining momentum, “We completed the construction site in October. So far, we have constructed a 154 kilowatt switchyard, and completed the 154 and 380 kilowatt power transmission line. We built 12 kilometers of road for panel assembly. Now we have about 140 employees, we will find 800s at the peak time. ”
Expressing that the plant will operate on 20 million square meters, Gürcü said that they plan to start placing panels in mid-July. ” We will include the energy we produce from these panels into the operated electrical system. We will produce the 1-week energy requirement of the district with a population of 50 thousand in 1 hour. Energy production will begin after the panels are commissioned. It takes an average of 2 months to include each of its panels in the system. Each connected panel will start generating energy. We will produce energy in November-December and include it in the system. We are planning to produce 1000 megawatts of energy by completing the settlement of approximately 3.5 million panels in the land in 36 months. This project is a completely domestic and national project..”