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Short-Term Work Allowance is an opportunity provided under the Unemployment Insurance Fund, and due to general economic, sectoral, regional crisis or challenging reasons, the weekly working hours in the workplace are temporarily reduced by at least one third or the workplace is stopped for at least four weeks without seeking continuity condition, is an application that provides income support to the insured when they cannot work for three months in the workplace. With the decision of the Council of Ministers, the three-month period can be extended up to six months.
Application to short-time working allowance is made by the employer with the claim of general economic, sectoral, regional crisis or the existence of compelling reasons.
• Situations where the general economic crisis and the events occurring in the national or international economy seriously affect the country’s economy and thus the workplace,
• Situations where businesses that operate in a particular province or region are severely affected and shaken economically due to the regional crisis and national or international events,
• Sectors that are directly affected by the sectoral crisis and events occurring in the national or international economy and the workplaces in other related sectors are seriously shaken,
• Earthquake, fire, flood, epidemic illness that does not arise from the employer’s own referral and administration, cannot be predicted, cannot be eliminated as a result, cannot be eliminated as a result of this, resulting in external or partial discontinuation of the operation, mobilization and similar reasons should be understood.
The employer, who thinks that the application conditions have occurred, should apply to the İşKur by explaining the effects of the general economic, regional or sectoral crisis and compelling reasons on the workplace and what the compelling reason is, by presenting their evidence and documents and information about the workplace.
When applying for a short-term work, it is decided by the Board of Directors of İş-Kur whether these situations occur. In case of compelling reasons, a decision of the board of directors is not required. The reasons such as deterioration in the cash flow caused by the enterprise, administrative problems or market shrinkage do not constitute a reason for short work.
In order for the worker to be entitled to short-time work allowance, the application made to the employer must be uninterrupted within the last 120 days before the start of the short-term work, and an unemployment insurance premium must have been reported for at least 600 days in the past three years.
In addition, if the compensation is to be received for compelling reasons, the basis for the allowance begins after this period if the work stops for more than a week due to compelling reasons in the workplace according to Article 24 of the Labor Law.
The daily payment to the insured is over 60% of the average daily earnings to be calculated over the earnings of the insured for the last twelve months premium. However, the amount found as a result of this calculation will not exceed 150% of the gross amount of the monthly minimum wage. The upper limit of the payment that can be made for 2017 is 2.666.25 TL per month, and only stamp tax is deducted from the payments. The short-time work allowance is paid to the worker for a maximum of three months and monthly to complete the weekly working time applied at the workplace.