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More than 40% of the energy produced in Spain comes from renewable sources, which shows how the country has one of the largest developments in renewable energy in the world, with an increasing number of companies in the sector developing projects, not only locally but also in many other countries.

In Spain there are no hydrocarbon deposits, which makes the development of renewable energies necessary so that the sector does not depend on foreign suppliers in the energy mix. Spain occupies second place in the world in wind energy generation and fourth in the ranking of installed power. In addition, it occupies fifth position in terms of installed solar energy power in Europe and eighth in the world, first in terms of installed thermal power and sixth position in biomass production.

The country also has the main renewable energy control center in the world, CECRE, which receives real-time information from around the world about the connection, production and voltage at the connection point, and monitors any incident that may occur. Spain is also the second country in the world in the ranking of the number of patents per capita related to renewable energies, only behind Germany and ahead of the United States, and it occupies fifth place in absolute terms and seventh in percentage of investments related.

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