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The activities associated with the protection of the environment and the management of natural resources represent 2,20% of the Gross Domestic Product of Spain, with a turnover of more than 26.000 million euros. Most of this turnover is concentrated in industrial and service companies whose main activity is waste management, pollution, water treatment, renewable energy production, environmental impact management and improvement of production processes.
European legislation, increasingly restrictive for polluting activities, has boosted the development of this industry, with waste treatment companies accounting for the highest turnover. Spain has nearly 10.000 companies authorized to manage and process waste materials. By activity, 87% of these companies have as core business the management of non-hazardous waste, 38% focus their activity on the selection and classification of waste and 33% manage hazardous waste.

The turnover of urban solid management companies and waste processing and disposal plants in Spain is around 2.000 million euros. Companies in the sector of recovering ferrous and non-ferrous metals, tires and vehicles, electrical and electronic equipment, wood, packaging and hazardous waste, have a revenue of more than 10.000 million euros per year.

Since 2011 CONEXIO has provided security and experience at the service of companies, introducing products to the market, developing investment projects, connecting companies with 48 million customers and promoting their success.

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