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Russian President Vladimir Putin abolished the visa regime for Turkish citizens who went to Russia for business travel and as a truck driver. Turkish businessmen in Moscow said they were satisfied with this development and hoped that they would be applied on general visas. According to Russian media, Turkish drivers working in the international transport […]


The Italian Chamber of Commerce, Speaking at the panel “Turkey-Italy Confidence Chain of Lights Overview of the 2019 Economy” which was held by The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Turkey, the Italian Ambassador Luigi Mattiolo, said “There is no country more important than Turkey to Italy in the Mediterranean region”. The Chairman of the Italian […]

Foreing investment

Portfolio investment Legal persons resident outside Turkey can freely purchase and sell Turkish securities and other capital market instruments, provided that banks and brokerage firms in Turkey act as intermediaries (Article 15(d)( i), Decree No. 32 Regarding Protection of the Value of Turkish Currency (as amended) issued under the Law Regarding Protection of the Value […]