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Turkey’s installed solar power exceeds 10 thousand megawatts

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While Turkey’s solar energy capacity exceeds 10 thousand megawatts, solar power plants in 35 provinces with a capacity of over 100 megawatts provide energy to 78 cities. According to the data of the Turkish Electricity Corporation (TEİAŞ), Turkey’s installed electricity capacity reached 104 thousand 600 megawatts and solar energy installed power reached 10 thousand 7 […]

$70 million investment in solar plants in Turkey

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Solarex Istanbul Solar Energy and Technologies Fair, which opened its doors on April 6 at the Istanbul Expo Center (IFM), was flooded with domestic and foreign visitors. The fair, where state-of-the-art products are showcased in the international arena and which aims to sign agreements worth millions of dollars, ends today. In Turkey, which has an […]

Turkey will increase wind power capacity up to 30 gigawatts in 2030s

Turkey's National Energy Plan

The Turkish National Energy Plan, which was prepared on the basis of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources’ target of achieving net zero emissions by 2053, and which includes the steps to be taken until 2035, has been published. According to the information compiled by the AA correspondent from the plan, 96.6 gigawatts of […]

Turkey’s wind energy potential introduced in Germany

  İbrahim Erden, President of Turkish Wind Energy Association (TÜREB), said that they demonstrated Turkey’s industry and investment potential in wind at the WindEnergy Hamburg event.   İbrahim Erden, President of the Turkish Wind Energy Association (TÜREB), stated at the WindEnergy Hamburg Conference and Fair that the event was extremely successful for Turkey within the […]

Turkish society sees the way of energy independence in renewable energy

  According to the Research on Energy Consumption and Economy in Turkey, 55 percent of the society defines foreign dependency as the biggest energy problem in Turkey, and they think that solar and wind energy should be used to prevent foreign dependency. The results of the Energy Consumption and Economy in Turkey research conducted by […]

“National Emission Trading System” will be developed for green transformation

  According to the compilation of Anadolu Agency’s Erkan Cihan Ünal from the Medium Term Program (MTP) for the years 2023-2025, the transition to a low carbon economy has gained importance on a global scale due to climate change. The European Union, which has a large share in Turkey’s exports, is making progress in green […]

Tomatoes are produced in a glass greenhouse with renewable energy in Balikesir, Turkey

  In the 37-decare facility, the construction of which was completed in Bandırma, Balıkesir, production is carried out 10 months of the year with the soilless farming method, with the energy obtained from two wind turbines and computer-controlled air conditioning. It is aimed to produce 2,500 tons of tomatoes annually with computer-controlled air-conditioning in the […]

Wind and sun resources save 7 billion dollars in Turkey’s energy imports

  According to Ember’s analysis, Turkey’s energy imports saved by $7 billion in the last 12 months, thanks to electricity generation from wind and solar. According to the analysis of London-based think tank Ember on Turkey, natural gas prices in global markets have increased more than 7 times in the last year. While the increase […]

Will Turkey be able to get out of coal in 2030?

  Is it possible for Turkey to step out of coal in 2030? What arrangements are needed for this? What are the benefits of exiting coal? The report “The First Step on the Road to a Carbon Neutral Turkey: Getting Out of Coal 2030”, which seeks answers to all these questions, has been published. According […]

Turkey is the leader in the production of solar panels in Europe

  Fatih Dönmez, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources: “We have become one of the world’s leading producers of both wind and sun, but we are not content with these. We aim to be in the top three in the world in solar panel production next year with new investments.”   Minister of Energy and […]