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Turkey’s High Performance in ‘Ease of Doing Business Index’

International Investors Association (YASED) President Ahmet Erdem stated, “Turkey’s’ World Bank Ease of Doing Business Index of the previous year by 17 places to rise, an indication of the very significant improvements that come with these criteria in our country and successfully is a result of reforms implemented”. The World Bank has published the “Ease […]

Income tax on individuals in Turkey

Income tax is unitary in nature. The source of income is defined in 7 categories: Business profits, agricultural profits, employment income, professional income, rental income, interest & dividends, and other income.  There are two main types of tax statutes: resident taxpayers, and non-resident taxpayers. Residents are taxed on their worldwide income, whereas, nonresidents are taxed […]

VAT taxation in Turkey

Taxable transactions VAT applies to the following transactions: The supply of goods or services in the course of performing commercial, industrial, agricultural, or independent professional activities made in Turkey by a taxable person. Goods and services imported into Turkey. Deliveries and services arising from other activities specifically stated in law. Tax payer A taxable person […]

Real estate in Turkey

Real estate investment Common structures used for investing in real estate are: Direct acquisition of the real estate. Acquisition of the shares of the company that owns the real estate. Investing in REITs. REITs REITs have recently become the key players in the Turkish real estate market. REITs in Turkey are strictly regulated by the […]