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The Spanish Ministry of Health has announced that 10 people have died in the past week of the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.
Continuing to revise historical data in COVID-19, sharing only weekly and daily case figures, the Ministry has increased the total number of deaths it gave as 28 thousand 325 yesterday to 2 thousand and 327 today.
In the figures announced, it has been observed that half of the COVID-19 deaths in the last 7 days were under the autonomous administration of Castilla y Leon.
In addition, according to PCR tests, it was informed that the number of cases that increased 196 in the last 24 hours increased to 247 thousand 86 in total.
Spain’s Deputy Prime Minister Carmen Calvo made expalanations on Tuesday that the government could put in the action again the emergency precautions in all around the country if there would be any coronavirus outbreaks that cannot be taken under control.
“If there would be any serious situation observed, the government will immediately declare a state of alarm in the said part of the country or all of it.” She explained during the interview on Spanish tv channel Antena 3. “Hopefully there will be no need to do that. But we are very determinate about providing the safety of the public health. When the time comes, the government will act responsible.”
Right after that, government spokesperson María Jesús Montero impressed on that there is no short-term or mid-term plans for declaring a state of alarm again in Spain’s agenda.
There have been many local outbreaks that are reported and will be checked. If any upsurges that cannot be taken under control occur in any part of Spain, “the current legislation limits the movement for the limited groups and limited areas” continued Montero.
International credit rating agency Moody’s reported that the effects of the coronavirus (Kovid-19) outbreak on the Spanish economy will be temporary, but it will take time to correct public financing.
In the statement made by the credit rating agency, it was reported that the Spanish economy, which was evaluated with the “Baa1” credit rating and the “stable” credit rating outlook, is expected to start growing as of the second half of this year.
Moody’s Senior Vice President Kathrin Muehlbronner, whose comments are included in the statement, said, “In Spain, there will be a serious financial deterioration due to the outbreak shock. However, thanks to the policy actions of the European Central Bank (ECB), the financing cost of the country will be positive. This will be an important factor in terms of Spain’s financial criteria. ” said.