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In terms of tourism, Turkey is really one of the countries in the world with rare beauties. Surely there are many beautiful places blended with geographic and cultural wonders to visit on holiday in Turkey. Top 10 of them are;

  1. BOSPHORUS / İstanbul

Having three bridges connecting two different continents by hosting a unique situation in the world, Istanbul Bosphorus is very successful in attracting tourists with its aesthetic beauty. It is a fact that you will have an atmosfere enjoying activities such as boat trips.

  1. HASANKEYF / Batman

Hasankeyf, located in Batman, is one of the places that must be seen which have brought together many different cultures and containing a perfect nature. It is a natural site and it is understood by the artifacts found that history dates back to the millennium before the year 10,000.

  1. MOUNT AĞRI / Ağrı

Along with being the highest mountain in the country, it is a world-scale in mountaineering sport. Tourists are attracted by it because it is among the beliefs that Mount Ağrı (also called Ararat) is a great highlight for the Noah’s Flood. There is a belief that Noah’s ship is here.

  1. PAMUKKALE / Denizli

Pamukkale is a unique geological formation in Turkey. It is located within the boundaries of Denizli province. Perfectly formed travertines are worth seeing. It is definitely an important touristic place for the country and for the World.

  1. IHLARA VALLEY / Aksaray

The Ihlara Valley, which has a very large prescription for Christianity, offers a perfect view with the river flowing through the valley. Tourists who come across the valley and a wonderful river reaching down by the stairs can not forget this natural beauty. The magnificent churches carved in the rocks are also worth seeing. You can easily reach to the valley by public transports.

  1. MOUNT IDA / Balıkesir

Mount Ida, located on the borders of Balıkesir province, is a place that produces legends and is known as a wonder of nature. It is frequented by tourists who enjoy watching with its waterfalls.

  1. KAPADOKYA / Nevşehir

In Cappadocia, one of the historical places in Nevsehir province, tourists from every region of the world are experiencing a unique landscape in balloon tours. Rock chimeneys, on the other hand, are already observed in the region as interesting geological formations that bring many people here every year.

  1. ÖLÜDENİZ / Muğla

It is one of the places that paragliding-loving tourists prefer. It is a tourist paradise located in the province of Muğla and deserving that big interest with its excellent sea and sand.

9.ULUDAĞ / Bursa

It is the number one address for skiing and many tourists come here every year for sports purposes. It is located in the province of Bursa and is 2,543 meters high.

  1. UZUNGÖL / Trabzon

Uzungöl, which is a natural wonder with its local flowers and trees beauties, hosts a large number of tourists every year. It is located in Çaykara, Trabzon province.