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Iran is ready to develop tourism sector within the next 8 years. The aim is increasing tourist number of visitors from 4.8 million to 20 million until 2025.

Even considering the embargo from US, EU and UN, people coming all around the world left 6.5 billion USD in Iran. Tourists spend 1.355 USD per person. This number is almost two times of the money spent in Turkey, which gives an idea of the potential if this sector in Iran.

Iran, which had a great progress in energy, mining, fast food products, food and beverage, retail, automotive, aerospace and manufacturing sectors, is aiming for 30 billion dollars in 2025 tourism income.

The main problem that the country is facing is the lack of hotel infraestructures. For example in Tehran there are only 96 hotels and only 13 of them are classified as 4-5 stars. Even those are hardly considered 4-5 stars hotels by experts. None of international hotels like Hilton, Sheraton, Mövenpick, Ramada, Kempinski, Swissotel, Raffles, Rotana, Jumairah, Shangri-La, Four Seasons, Oberoi, Ritz Carlton, Intercontinental, Hyatt, Radisson, Novotel are located in Iran.

There is one natural area in Iran with 20 historical monuments on the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, including Gülistan Palace, Isfahan Grand Mosque, Tabriz Bazaar, Persepolis Antique City and Imam Square in Isfahan.

There are also very good incentives for Tourism investors. Iran governement says they can provide field for the companies who want to do investments.

The tourists comming to Turkey from Iran are mostly interested in shopping and beaches. They are preferring Istanbul and Aegean side, but lately they are also interested in Van, close to the Iranian border. The Iranian tourists spend average 2.000 USD per person and are demanding entertainment services while they are in Turkey.

There are 1.6 million tourists from Iran comming to Turkey, which is the third most preferred country for Iranians after Dubai and Malaysia. Other important destinations preferred by Iranians are Armenia and America.

According to the Competitiveness Index for the 2015 Travel and Tourism Industry published by the World Economic Forum, in Middle East and North Africa countries İran is ranked 12th among 141 countries 97th. In the same report, it can be remarkable that Iran’s security index is higher than Turkey’s security index.

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