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The Turkish automotive sector was one of the development engines of the Turkish economy in the late 1960s and early 1970s, with the arrival of two global automotive giants, Renault and Fiat. This fundamental fact led to the development of an auxiliary industry that, little by little, made it possible to supply both companies with components manufactured in Turkey. The existence of this substrate of suppliers together with the stability of the country, led to the arrival of other foreign manufacturers of vehicles and components, concentrating mainly in the Marmara region. Internationally known companies such as Bosch, Pirelli or Valeo have gradually decided to invest in Turkey.

Apart from the large multinationals in the sector, a wide range of all kinds of automotive components has been developed in the country. This offer serves not only to supply OEMs but also TIER 1 and TIER 2 manufacturers of intermediate components, such as mini and bus body manufacturers, as well as the important repair market due to the average age of the Turkish car park (10 years). All this makes the country an important benchmark and a fundamental piece in the machinery of the world automobile industry.

The existence of 15 large automobile manufacturers, as well as their suppliers, both of whom need auxiliary industry, make the Turkish market a very attractive market for companies in the sector.

Since 2011 CONEXIO has provided security and experience in Turkey at the service of companies, introducing products to the Turkish market, developing investment projects, connecting companies with 85 million customers and boosting their success.

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