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The medical and healthcare sector in Turkey is driven by a population of more than 85 million citizens, a population increase of 1.28% per year and a 10% population over 65 years old. The largest providers of health services are the Ministry of Health, universities and the private sector, and it is financed by the state budget, employees and direct payments.

The Ministry of Health plans the national health policy and is the largest provider of health services. The system has 240,000 beds and represents an expense of 4.5% of the GDP, which means a per capita expense of USD 1.267 per year. Private insurance accounts for 2.6% of total spending.

In Turkey there are about 900 public hospitals, around 600 private hospitals and 68 university hospitals. Investment in new hospitals in the last 10 years has been 16.000 million dollars, with 18 new hospitals under the PPP model.

Turkey receives 1.3 million medical tourists annually, mostly from Arab countries. The sanitary products market is about 2,000 million dollars a year, with an annual growth of 8%. The country is making a great effort in technologies applied to the medical sector: electronic medical records, electronic prescriptions, mobile applications and telemedicine in rural areas, among others.

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The regulations on medical devices are based on EU regulations (CE marking on import). In Turkey there are about 1,000 manufacturers of medical devices and 2,500 importers. Imported products must be registered by the manufacturer or through a distributor established in the country. Among the imported products and services are advanced medical equipment, virtual care solutions, advanced pre-screening and diagnostic devices, advanced point-of-care devices, cancer treatment devices, wound treatment devices, surgical devices that use robotic technologies, dental equipment, radiotherapy oncology systems, robotic surgery equipment and healthcare IT solutions, especially for critical decision-making processes.

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