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In relation to the information and communication technologies sector, the Turkish government attaches great importance to the digital transformation in Turkey and to all projects that are in line with its information society strategy (digital administration, registration-KEP, e-visa, e-Passport, etc.). The number of mobile line subscribers in Türkiye is around 74 million. The number of subscribers to data traffic and broadband data connectivity, the main source of income for telecommunications companies, has had a sustained increase in the last 10 years and is expected to grow faster than the world average.

The Government’s objectives for the sector in Türkiye include:

  • Increase the sector’s participation in GDP from 2.9% to 8%
  • Become one of the first 10 countries in digital transformation
  • Have 80% of the population digitally literate
  • Increase the number of companies in the sector to 5,500 and 65,000 employees, and exports to 10 billion USD
  • Increased size of the ICT sector to 160 billion USD, with market growth of around 15% each year
  • Increase R&D spending to 3%, from the current 1%

The annual investment in R&D in this sector exceeds 6 billion USD.

Since 2011 CONEXIO has provided security and experience in Turkey at the service of companies, introducing products to the Turkish market, developing investment projects, connecting companies with 85 million customers and boosting their success.

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