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Russian President Vladimir Putin abolished the visa regime for Turkish citizens who went to Russia for business travel and as a truck driver. Turkish businessmen in Moscow said they were satisfied with this development and hoped that they would be applied on general visas.

According to Russian media, Turkish drivers working in the international transport sector and Turkish citizens with special passports going to Russia for short-term business travel can enter this country without a visa.

Chairman of the World Turkish Business Council (DTİK) Eurasian Committee, AGS Chairman Ali Galip Savaşır evaluated the decree and used the following statements:

“Bilateral relations are already going very well. This decree is a very important stage, I consider it wonderful. We are very happy with this expected development. Commercial and truck driver visas to get up, green passports for visa-free entry to the businessmen will provide a lot of convenienceI would like to congratulate those who did this work and the heads of state who signed it. We would also like to have general visas removed. In return, we will try to increase our trade volume as businessmen.

Sebahattin Yavuz, Co-Chairman of Russian-Turkish Businessmen Association, shared his thoughts on the subject:

“It was a long-anticipated step. Turkey has one of the most important issues of trade and economic relations with Russia. As of today, the visa issue, which started to be implemented after the unfortunate flight, has started to enter the right direction as of today. As Turkish businessmen in Moscow, we evaluate this development positively. Reflections will also be very positive. However, in the statement made today, we consider that the scope of special passports and truck drivers, which are called as red passports in the future, are very important for the reflection of the society and we want this to be applied all. Of course, this process will take a certain period of time for all necessary details to be put into practice. The two countries will start working on this issue. We hope that this statement will come into act as soon as possible and develop rapidly.”