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The size of Turkey’s 137 countries in the last year of its pen exports has exceeded $ 520 million over 5 years.
Not only is it not limited to use in the field of education and training, it also remains popular as a valuable gift.
For collectors and enthusiasts, there are pens with a price of up to 50 thousand liras, according to the brand and the coating material used, as well as pens that are suitable for all pockets, and all kinds of items were also part of foreign trade.
According to information compiled from data of Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI), Turkey’s export items in 2019 decreased by 23.8 percent from a year earlier to 11 million 819 thousand dollars. Turkey exported to the world’s 137 countries, most foreign sales made to Egypt with 2 million 406 thousand dollars. This figure constituted 20.4 percent of total exports.
Egypt was followed by Iraq with 826 thousand dollars, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus with 641 thousand dollars, Azerbaijan with 564 thousand dollars, Germany with 558 thousand dollars and Russia with 547 thousand dollars.
Turkey’s imports in this chapter in the said period, a decrease of $ 49 million declined 33 percent. China took the first place among the pen import countries with 24 million 158 thousand dollars. China was followed by Germany with 7 million 492 thousand dollars, Japan with 5 million 367 thousand dollars and Italy with 1 million 611 thousand dollars.
China’s share in imports was 49.3 percent, Germany 15.3 percent, Japan 11 percent and Italy 3.3 percent.
The last 5-year period, Turkey’s exports item was recorded as 67 million 255 thousand dollars. Turkey made 452 million 835 thousand dollars of imports in the same period.
Thus, Turkey’s total trade items was 520 million 90 thousand dollars. Turkey’s exports in the last 5-year period pen while watching a bumpy looking, pencil imports continued to decline.
Pen exports were 12 million 981 thousand dollars in 2015, 13 million 274 thousand dollars in 2016, 13 million 679 thousand dollars in 2017, and 15 million 501 thousand dollars in 2018. In the same years, pen imports were recorded as 105 million 830 thousand dollars, 129 million 654 thousand dollars, 95 million 227 thousand dollars and 73 million 124 thousand dollars, respectively.