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Logo Group Senior Manager Buğra Koyuncu explaining that the size of the information and communication technologies market in Turkey is 152 billion worth and said:
” In this, the information technologies part represents a size of 56 billion TL. This too; It consists of three basic components as hardware, software and services. Technology and digitalization are now taking place in all areas of our lives. Companies had to digitize their business models, products, services and business processes according to changing consumer behavior. In short, the changes at every step created a butterfly effect, triggering transformation and creating innovation.”
Indeks Bilgisayar General Manager Banu Sürek stated that the technology is one of the sectors least affected by the Kovid-19 outbreak and that the sector has developed as a result of the accelerated digitalization.
These developments in the information technology sector in Turkey is also experiencing since March expressing Cont, she said:
” If we discuss 2020 in terms of Index Group; With the new conditions brought about by the pandemic, we can say that we, like all stakeholders operating in the technology sector, have achieved a very efficient commercial process. We anticipate a growth above the sector growth with the increasing market shares of our existing brands we distribute and the contribution of our new brands to the turnover development. And in 2021 attendance, especially personal computers, we expect the continuation of the growth in trade of many technology products and Turkey to the information technology market continues to grow at a certain rate this perspective in 2021.”
Monster Notebook Founder and Chief Executive (CEO) İlhan Yılmaz stated that they have continued their steady growth in 2020, and said, “We have recently focused on foreign investments. We opened it on an area of approximately 1,000 square meters in the Alexanderplatz square. ” said.
“In 2020, factors such as the restriction of out-of-home entertainment activities and the prolongation of online time have led to increased interest in games and e-sports all over the world. This increase in the consumption of games, game-related content and technologies has accelerated the acceleration of the industry in recent years. The global game market grew 19.6 percent in 2020 and reached about $ 175 billion. We have witnessed a similar acceleration in the high performance computers market. With the impact of the growth in the game and e-sports ecosystem, the gaming computer category, which has a 15 percent share from the total market so far, has become one of the most ambitious categories of 2020..”
With industry and digital transformation, all value chains, especially consumer habits, products and services, are changing. While the rules of competition are being rewritten with this transformation on the international front, many strategic opportunities are offered in manufacturing industry, science, education, labor market and all sectors. The software industry lies at the heart of this transformation. In the message we send from our mobile phone today, there is software in the realization of a transaction we make from a bank ATM device, from online meetings to electronic commerce.
The digital products and services market shaped by the software industry, which forms the basis of digital transformation, has reached a size of $ 2 trillion worldwide. It is estimated that the market value it affects is 8 to 10 times the size of this figure. The global software industry, which reached an economic size of 565 billion dollars in 2019, is expected to grow by 5 percent in the next five years. The software industry is a strategic sector not only with its aforementioned size but also with the chain impact it creates on the economy. However, the Turkish software industry has not yet been able to get the desired share from the global software league.
Young population and one of the countries that could benefit most from Turkey increased computing market with its geographical proximity to Europe.
In case of solving the foreign language problem, providing support such as payment and taxation to the sector, establishing an educational infrastructure that will increase the workforce competencies, making technocity supports sustainable, thousands of additional employment and indirect effects for every 1 percent share that can be obtained from this market, and a total of 9 to 13 billion dollars. it will be possible to generate income. It is also to be done in terms of the global software industry by increasing local competencies efforts of Turkey to become a center of attraction. The public should be determining the strategies especially for the software industry.
Aiming to deliver the required products within 10 minutes, Getir’s market value reached 850 million dollars with an investment of 128 million dollars at the beginning of this year.
Getir, Turkey was signed in February identical to one that is rarely found in the entrepreneurship ecosystem development with the opening of London.
Explaining the reason for their opening to London first with the words “London is a world city, crowded, a place where digitalization is high”, Salur stated that they will open to other cities of the world this year.
Getir positions itself not only as a service provider, but as a technology company that delivers products in approximately 10 minutes.
Turkey’s initiative to examine the ecosystem 165 Startups Watch research company in 2020 for $ 139 million venture investment According to the data received.
Getir, a software company Insider, and Meditopia, a meditation app, are the most invested startups of 2020.
Getir is also expected to reach a valuation of $ 1 billion this year.