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Like 80 million unemployed in the world, Turkey paints an optimistic picture of employment in the four-month period that exceeds 40 million coronavirus outbreak in the United States. In the April period, which includes the months of March – April – May, the number of unemployed decreased by 427 thousand to 3.77 million. The unemployment rate fell by 0.2 points year on year to 12.8 percent.
Turkey, public debt, in addition to the growth of industrial production and employment figures in the world is taking notice. in response to the effects of the pandemic on a global basis as expressed in the unemployment rate is approaching 80 million protected employment and unemployment figures in Turkey have been falling since January 2020. The coordinated work of monetary and fiscal policies is effective in the decrease in unemployment figures. Government’s support and incentives for the business world stand out as an important factor in the protection of employment.
The unemployment rate in Turkey continues to decline throughout the last four quarters. In April 2020, the unemployment rate in the age group 15 and over decreased by 12.8 percent, while the number of unemployed fell to 3.77 million. Unemployment rate decreased by 0.9 percent in January 2020 to 13.8 percent, decreased by 1.1 percent in February to 13.6 percent, and decreased by 0.9 percent in March to 13.2 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. was down.
In the last year, the number of employment decreased by 2.58 million people to 25.6 million people, and the employment rate was 41.1 percent. The workforce ratio, consisting of employees and non-workers, also dropped to 47.2 percent. The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 13.8 percent and the employment rate was 41 percent. In April, non-agricultural unemployment fell by 0.1 point to 14.9 percent.
According to many analysts, incentives including short-time work allowance, dismissal ban, unpaid leave support and other practices put into place to protect employment prevent unemployment from rising to high levels. It shows that these incentives should be continued in an extended manner for the protection of employment.
Enver Erkan from Tera Yatırım reminds that people who are on leave and who do not work in practice are not defined as unemployed and that the government has put into effect since the end of March to protect employment. Erkan said, “Measures such as short work allowance support, dismissal ban, unpaid leave support and unemployment will not show a very dramatic increase in numbers during the period when the incentives are activated. On the other hand, as the number of employees benefiting from these employment supports is over 4.5 million, there is a risk of employment loss in terms of the labor market, especially in the post-incentives period ”.
Pointing out that the short-time work allowance and the ban on dismissal were extended for another month as of the end of June, Erkan emphasized that the slower companies in terms of creating new investments and employment after the pandemic may negatively affect employment figures.
Altay, not only the health crisis in the world of the pandemic that the economic crisis created, countries would give more weight to domestic production and recounting in the interest would increase unemployment due to the economic recession, were found in the forecasts for Turkey: “We can obstruct the youth unemployment with software exports. Still, more than 50 percent of Turkey’s 30s. We are a blessing for Europe. In the crisis, we saw that people can work from home. Once upon a time we had this in mind. Europe needs our youth, but they don’t take us. But now we realized that we don’t need to go there. We can export technology to Europe by connecting from our home. Turkey made possible by the development of technology investments. ”
Turkey’s NETAS CEO of one of the first software exporter Müjdat Altay “” value as Netaş not come easy. If you set up a company now, it will only be Netaş in 2070. My eyes are tearing when I walk through Netaş’s door and see those young people. If we know the value we have young can fly to Turkey. I think I have a good record. “Working with 10 thousand engineers is a record that cannot be easily equaled.”