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THY reached its record in number of passangers in its history and doubled its profit. In the first half of 2018, the institution carrying over 35 million passengers reached a total profit of $ 258 million. Turkish Airlines increased its flight connections to 304 and its occupancy rate in July was 85%. It aims to continue its growth with new flight connections and many new flights are planned to be opened.

In June of this year launched a new flight to the capital city of Comoros on the island of Moroni; THY increased the number of destinations in Africa to 53. THY raised the number of destinations on global scale to 304 and increased the number of countries to 122. In a statement made in August it is said that new scheduled flights are decided to be launched to Sharjah in UAE, Newark in USA and Cancun in Mexico. Also, Aqaba in Jordan which is reopened and Samarkand in Uzbekistan, were added to these new destinations. In accordance with the decision taken by the Board of Directors, the button was pressed to open more new lines depending on aircraft availability. Turkish Airlines first launched a cargo flight to Mexico City. It is also planned to start passenger flights this year. Direct flights to Denpasar, one of Indonesia’s most important tourist destinations, will begin. With these flights, Turkish Airlines will fly European and Russian passengers to the region.

Saudi Arabia’s Abha, South Sudan’s Juba, Egypt’s Aswan and Luxor, Russia’s Krasnodar, Voronezh, Samara and Makhachkala, Poland’s Cracow, Spain’s La Coruña, Azerbaijan’s Lankaran, Angola’s Luanda, France’s Nantes, the capital of Gambia, Banjul, Marrakech in Morocco and the city of Palermo in Italy, are planned to start scheduled flights too.

Stating that Turkish Airlines is financially very strong, THY Executive Board and President Ilker Ayci Executive Committee said, ” In the new airport, we will serve also  Turkey’s targets as long-term tourism destination  and, financial business center of the country. Istanbul will be one of the most important destinations in terms of cultural shopping, but also in terms of accessibility. THY will invest more in quality, rather than quantity under this light. We will increase the quality of everything. We will present all of this at a single airport. Turkey’s tourism is growing and it is thought to attract over 40 million tourists. 70 percent of these visitors will be transported by Turkish Airlines. We have also revised our passenger numbers. It will be 75 million, not 74, so we need more planes and the most reliable.”

Turkish Airlines is aiming the be on the top 3 airlines in the World, and always with the aim to provide new and better services.