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The locomotive of the Turkish economy which achieved its second september performance in history with 2.6 billion dollars export, the automotive sector, increased its export amount to Middle East and Commonwalth of Independent states countries considerably.
According to information compiled from the data of the Union Assembly of Turkey Exporters and Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters, Turkish automotive sector in September last year compared to the same month decreased by 0.4 percent to 2 billion 594 thousand dollars, in the January-September period compared to the 2017 the same period , 3.7 per cent decrease 22 billion 549 thousand dollars of exports realized.
Iran was the country with the highest increase in sector exports in September. In September, compared to the same month last year, Iran’s foreign sales rose by 388 percent to 23 million 109 thousand dollars. Looking at the first three quarters of the year, the amount of exports to Iran was 92 million 711 thousand dollars.
Again in September, Israel increased by 198 percent to 60 million 543 thousand dollars of foreign sales, while in January-September period of 35.5 percent increase in this country was 540 million 248 thousand dollars sales.
Exports to Iraq this month amounted to 24 million 374 thousand dollars with an increase of 35 percent. The amount of foreign sales to Iraq in January-September period increased by 60 percent was 183 million 45 thousand dollars.
In September, the automotive sector exported 24 million 674 thousand dollars to Azerbaijan with an increase of 305 percent. The sector, in January-September period of 144.5 percent increase in this country has realized 96 million 70 thousand dollars sales.
Last month, exports to Ukraine increased by 74 percent to 18 million 685 thousand dollars of the sector, the first three quarters of the year, in this country , 4.5 percent increase to 115 million 786 thousand dollars in sales was recorded.
Exports to Russia in September increased by 23 percent to 45 million 991 thousand dollars, January-September period increased by 15 percent was 394 million 72 thousand dollars.
On the basis of the group of countries, exports to the Middle East were realized as 148 million 847 thousand dollars with an increase of 71 percent compared to the same month of September last year. In the 9 months of the year, 1 percent 187 million 925 thousand dollars in this region with an increase of 8 percent was realized in foreign sales.
CIS countries also increased by 63.5 percent in September to 116 million 179 thousand dollars, in January-September period increased by 18 percent to 791 million 500 thousand dollars sales were made.
In the Turkish automotive sector, exports to the Middle East and CIS countries as well as countries such as the Netherlands, Romania, the United States and Egypt increased significantly.