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A new credit package was introduced, which included increasing the agricultural production in greenhouses, establishing new greenhouses, introducing greenhouses to the economy and modernizing existing greenhouses.

Hüseyin Aydın, General Manager of Ziraat Bank, said that they would lend more to the operating expenses of the producers with the package they prepared and they would apply lower interest rates with the support of the Treasury and the Ministry of Finance. According to the information given by Aydin, up to 75 percent of the investment expenditures can be given credit, up to 7 years can be valued and 2 years of without paying capital payment period will be provided. Development of the greenhouse and the intensification of the greenhouse activities in certain regions, especially in regions where geothermal water sources, be extended to Turkey in accordance with other regions of greenhouse agriculture in capacity utilization, increasing agricultural production and productivity, and thus the production amount of seasonal changes, a new credit package was created to contribute to the reduction of impacts pressures on costs and prices. Aydın said that long-term loans would be used as well as in the new greenhouse installation, in order to purchase and modernize the greenhouses that have been established before, but which have not been produced for any reason, and to modernize them. “”Thus, the necessary financing will be provided and the time required for the investment will be saved and the idle enterprises will be added to the economy. Medium and long-term investment loans will be provided to producers in order to repair existing greenhouses, to strengthen their technological infrastructure and to modernize them. “Thus, the existing greenhouses will be made more modern and their efficiency will be increased.”

Greenhouse Construction, Hardware and Equipment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (SERKONDER) President Halil Kozan said, “The projects of Turkish greenhouse producers are seen in front of the Korean and Chinese producers just a little behind Europe.” After industry sector, most of the investments made in the Turkey’s greenhouse sector. “In Turkey, only 13 thousand decare is in modern greenhouse situation in 750 thousand. When we look in case of tomatoes for example, in season 15-20 kg product can be received in a normal greenhouse, while this number reaches 60 kg in modern greenhouse. So it is better to have a modern greenhouse if the new greenhouse is to be built. As for employment, one person works in each greenhouse in one decare. It makes a significant contribution to women’s employment. There are different values in terms of costs. It varies according to the region and the energy cost. The maximum cost is 45-50 euros / square meter. Due to the wrong investment feasibility in greenhouses, we are faced with hand changes.” Kozan voiced intense interest in the sector, said that many investors began to call themselves. Kozan, “If 100 phone calls, 20 percent of them are real investors. 2019 is the year of our members and for us.” In Turkey, especially in recent years we focused on the Turkish Republic and the Qatar marketWe have carried out important projects especially in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan. With these incentives, we foresee a growth rate of 70 percent in 2019 compared to 2018. Kozan evaluated the new project SERA A.Ş. that Ministry of Teasure and Finance Berat Albayrak explained ” The investment is of considerable importance and is an important opportunity for our greenhouse manufacturing sector. With an appropriate project and technical specifications to be determined and a production planning that will spread over time, both our industry will develop and will provide employment to approximately 25 thousand people from the moment of production to 8-10 thousand people during the manufacturing process.”

As of 2016, the world greenhouse manufacturing market is at $ 21.2 billion. In 2021, it is projected to reach 32.3 billion dollars with a compound growth rate of 8.8 percent annually. If you want to be a part of this big and promosing sector in Turkey, Conexio is an experienced consulting company that can help you to grow the market.