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According to the statement made by Turkey’s technological initiative Getir, also since 2015, forming a new market for the whole world and in the international arena attracting investors, major investor in Silicon Valley, Sir Michael Moritz, invested 25 million dollars throught his personal investment fund Crankstart. After Moritz, some investors from Brazil and Turkey has provided $ 13 million in additional funds and Getir completed the Series A tour with a total investment of $ 38 million.
The founder Nazım Salur, who expressed his views in the statement, stated that the story of the foundation was based on the success of the first technological initiative BiTaksi and said,” With Getir, we realized something first in the world and created a market. investments we received, we have an idea of the success achieved by the riveting will support Turkey and our expansion into new markets.”
Sir Michael Moritz, who believes in the potential of Getir and takes the lead in the investment tour, likened Getir’s business model to a ‘Turkish delight prepared with a fresh recipe and unexpected ingredients.’
Alex Ham, the London-based Numis Securities Chief Executive (CEO), who made this Serie A round real, told the Financial Times, “I hope that the foreign interest in Getir, will shed some light on the Turkish market. I knew that there are not more Getir in Turkey, but there are some entrepreneurs super talented and I know they have really interesting jobs.”
With the completion of round A, Getir has already begun negotiations to create a new $ 100 million fund in round B. This additional investment will be used to accelerate the domestic growth of Getir and to open up to foreign markets.
Getir doubling the number of orders in the second half of last year and knocking on the door of its users 1.5 million times in December, in addition to Istanbul, it operates in Ankara, Bursa, Izmir and Kocaeli.
Getir, which expands its service area with GetirYemek and GetirBüyük, before the year 2020 was completed, it accelerated its efforts to provide services abroad. First of all, the initiative aims to meet its users in London, with Sao Paulo, Paris and Mexico City.