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Turquality Program has been implemented since 2003 for the branding of Turkish products abroad. Over the years, the program of Under secretariat of Foreign Trade, which is affiliated to the Ministry of Economy, has been expanded in scope and many sectors of apparel, gastronomy, automotive construction have become able to benefit from these supports. Turkish companies who want to open their stores abroad and become a brand can also benefit from Turquality support. You do not even need to have your company established in Turkey for this.

It is possible to talk about two support programs under Turquality. One is the Brand Support Program and the other is the Turquality Support Program. While there is support in the Brand Support Program with certain financial limits, there is no limit of the support in Turquality.

The support that the companies that opened stores abroad can benefit is as follows:

In order to be accepted into both support programs, it is first necessary to go through the supervision of 5 international audit companies designated by the Ministry.

Those who score between 65-80 in the audits are accepted to the Brand Support Program and those who score above 85 are accepted to Turquality.

In both support programs, 50 percent of supports done in many items from overseas trademark registration, marketing activities such as advertisement promotion, and store concept architecture work from rental expenses. Sponsorship, website installation, catalog and productions are also supported.

The companies who have 5 stores in Turkey and 1 store abroad can benefit from the supports. It is also necessary to register the mark in at least one country.

The companies in the Brand Support Program have a maximum of $ 300,000 support for advertising, promotion and marketing activities, a maximum of $ 300,000 for leasing expenses related to foreign units that they have opened or will open, a maximum of $ 200,000 for concept architecture works and decoration expenses, they can also benefit upt o $ 200,000 for rent and/or commission expenses for showrooms that they have opened and / or will open. With the franchising system, they can get support for a total of 10 stores, for a maximum of 50 thousand dollars per store, for decoration expenses related to the shops to be opened abroad.

The companies that will benefit from the Turquality Program offer the Ministry a strategic plan. According to this plan, it is determined how much support the company will be given for each item. For this reason, it is impossible to talk about standard support. In other words, the amount of your support varies from company to company.

In Turquality Support Program, the firms benefiting from marketing activities up to $100 000 for commercial activities, consultancy for the investigation of the site, works of conceptual architecture, decoration, fixtures, rental expenses and counseling related to rent a store (50 stores in 5 years with up to 10 in 1 year); fixtures-decoration expenses go up to 100 000 dollars.

Also Office expenses, warehouses, showrooms and after-sales expenses are supported. Rents, decoration, fixtures, commission expenses related to foreign units, showroom / department store where different brands are sold, decoration, service and / or commission expenses for the floor display of the department / lease / showroom / gondola / rented area in the hypermarkets are also supported.

It should also be noted that the total support period for a company that passes the Turquality Support Program from the Brand Support Program can not exceed 72 months.

Conexio Consulting is a consultancy firm that can help you to develop your business in scope of Turquality Program.