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Foreigners who invest directly can benefit equally from the opportunities provided to domestic investors. Direct investment is made by establishing a company, opening a branch and being a partner for a current company in Turkey. On the other hand, there is no incentive for foreign investors in indirect investments made by buying stocks or bonds. For this reason, and only long-term foreign direct investment in Turkey can benefit from the facilities offered by the state. However, the profits from the activities of foreign investors in Turkey, sales, liquidation and compensation, licensing, management and similar agreements in return for the gain can be freely transferred abroad.
Foreign investors, both in their own country collective agreements with various countries in order to avoid tax payments in Turkey. For example, a French citizen who invest in Turkey, pays taxes only in Turkey because of their activities in Turkey, does not pay taxes due to these activities to France.
Foreign investors has the possibility of establishing incorporate, limited and unlimited company. Unlimited companies such as sole proprietorships with no institutional structure are easy to establish because of the low cost advantages but some foreign investors prefers mostly the limited liability and joint stock companies in Turkey.
In addition to all these foreigners who want to invest in Turkey; they can benefit tax reductions, investment allowances, insurance premiums and similar government incentives.
The number of companies established in October increased by 8.52 percent compared to the previous month was 8 thousand 352. In the same period, the number of closed companies increased by 2.92 percent and recorded as 1199.
Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, announced the statistics for the October established-closed companies. Accordingly, the number of companies established in October increased by 8.52 percent compared to the previous month increased from 7 thousand 696 to 8 thousand 352..
In Turkey, October 8 thousand 464 companies and cooperatives are established.
Accordingly, the number of companies established in October compared to the previous month increased by 8.52 percent, the number of real person commercial enterprises 9.96 percent, the number of cooperatives increased by 2.75 percent.
Last month, 1183 foreign capital companies were established, 693 of them were Turkish capital, 87 of them were Iran and 38 of them were Syrian partners. 116 of the companies with foreign share capital operating in the business are incorporated and 1067 are limited companies. 1249 of these companies were established in wholesale trade in unallocated stores, 672 in real estate agencies and 556 in restaurants and mobile catering services.
83.9 percent of the total capital of the companies with foreign capital was formed by the share of foreign capital.