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Ethos will invest 516 million dollars in Turkey by the end of 2024

US-based Ethos Asset Management, which has invested 76 million dollars in Turkey since 2021, announced that it will provide 250 million dollars of financial support to companies in Turkey until 2024 and 516 million dollars until the end of 2024.

US-based global private debt financing company Ethos Asset Management announced that it will invest 516 billion dollars in Turkey, which it has identified as fundamental growing region, until the end of 2024.

Ethos Founder and CEO economist Carlos Santos, who has received many international awards for his academic studies, said: “We will continue to diversify the project finance support we have provided to companies such as Servislet, Uğur Tekstil, Kozon Partners, Rem People and HGI in Turkey in the coming period. Our most important goal is to develop cooperation with all our business partners based on the “win-win” principle while at the same time increasing our support to the Turkish economy.”

In line with its strategic goals in the Turkish market, Ethos aims to provide financial support of USD 250 million by 2024 and USD 516 million by the end of 2024 to large-scale projects in the industry, tourism, agriculture, construction, mining, telecommunications and service sectors. Continuing to work in line with this plan, Ethos also announced that it will provide financial support to three separate projects in the food, manufacturing and automotive sectors in Turkey in the coming months.

Since its establishment in 2021, Ethos has provided 76 million dollars of investment financing to companies in Turkey, mainly in the textile, information technologies, construction and tourism sectors, and creates resources for companies aiming to grow with its unique business model focused on profitability and value.

Ethos invests globally mainly in projects in the energy, infrastructure and manufacturing sectors, enabling select companies with impactful projects to invest in themselves and support their future success. Ethos divides its investments into two categories: projects between 10- 49 million dollars and projects over 50 million dollars. The company secures its investments with financial guarantees and establishes a mutually beneficial relationship with its business partners.

Turkey is a strong country with great potential

Following their significant success in various markets such as the US, UK and Brazil, Ethos Founder and CEO Carlos Santos stated that they see Turkey as an attractive financing center for the regional and global economy:

“We are extremely pleased to bring our financing facilities to Turkey and expand our reach in this region. We believe that this important step in line with our global ambitions will make a significant contribution to our company and Turkey. Turkey is one of the fastest growing countries in the world and a very important geography for Ethos. Together with our competent team that combines global experience with country and sector-specific expertise, we want to create value for Turkey and demonstrate our sustainable impact on social and environmental issues, especially in the economy. We want to grow our investments in a country like Turkey, which has survived a period of economic stagnation and increased risk factors in the world by growing. We continue to strengthen ourselves in a period of reduced liquidity in the market and increase our appetite to invest in project finance as a measure to protect our financial trade allocations.”