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Member of the Board of Directos of Kalyon Holding Haluk kalyoncuSaid that all parts of the facility will be completed in June next year at the Commencement Ceremony for the Integrated Solar Energy Photovoltaic Panel Production Factory established in Başkent organized industrial site.
Expressing Turkey reached a 6 thousand MW solar installed capacity in terms of developing renewable eneergy resources, Kalyoncu said, “There is a strategy of reaching 10 thousand MW in 10 years. With clean energy production, 500 grams of fossil carbon dioxide emissions per kilowatt hour will be prevented. A 1,000-megawatt renewable energy plant will prevent the release of 1.5 million tons of fossil and carbon dioxide.
Kalyoncu stated that Kalyon Energy Group is the lowest bidder in the first Renewable Energy Resource Areas (YEKA) solar energy tender, ” This factory will produce solar panels with a capacity of 500 megawatts annually. We will be one of the rare factories in Europe. We will be the first integrated plant in the Middle East of Turkey. The equipment of each cell will be produced up to all stages. 1300 people will be employed here.”
Ahmet Taşkın, General Manager of Kalyon Solar Technology Production, said that the first integrated panel production will start on April 30, 2020.
Stating that they will work with China Electronic Technology Corporation, one of the biggest technology companies in China, Taşkın said ” We will produce some of the equipment to be used in our factory in China and some in Japan and Europe.”
Taşkın expressed that approximately 30 panel manufacturers in Turkey, ” Previously, the placing was done on a simple production ready cell panel received in Turkey. In this integrated factory, ingots, cells and modules will be produced, “he said.
The annual production capacity of the factory will be 500 megawatts. The facility will develop “mono perc” cell technology with 22 percent efficiency. Personnel employed on education and training will begin in China, setup will continue in parallel with Turkey.
The integrated plant, which will eliminate the need for solar module imports of $ 134 million per year, will also have an export capacity of $ 58 million. Also, to be installed on-site R & D center with the development of new and efficient technologies in Turkey will be provided. 100 engineers will work in the R & D center and 87 million dollars will be invested in the center in 10 years.