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Food Sector Trends and Turkey


Turkey made a significant breakthrough in the food sector by adopting a number of norms such as food engineering, quality control, hygiene and related document requirements with examples from developed world countries. For 10 years, the service and culinary professions in the food and beverage sector have developed from different business lines.

Turkey’s great cousine helps developing the sector by restaurants, bistros, fast- food chains, concept coffee shops etc. Considering these development, adopting the new food trends in the worldwide helped Turkish food sector to play globally and attract many tourists. Let’s take a close look to the food trends in 2017 and how Turkey can be easy to adopt those.

Drinks refreshed – Consumers are not expecting too much change of drinks, but they are expected to present classic tastes with minor changes. Consumers take note of where drinks are made, how they contribute to health.

The kitchen is more Creative, the chefs are increasingly using new tastes and amazing ingredients. Technology is being introduced – a new phenomenon in which the technology required to grow the beverage industry is fully integrated.

Other trends are,

  1. Water 2.0: Consumers are expecting more than the most basic drink, water. Drink companies are responding to this. The producers offer crop-containing products such as aloe, maple, enginer and cactus waters. In 2019, the world’s functional water market is expected to reach $ 36.7 billion. Turkey hosts many of these plants with its various endemic species.


  1. Halal food: Halal documented food and beverage companies earned 415 billion dollars in the past year. As the population changes, the halal market is expected to reach $ 1.6 trillion by 2018. This amounts to 17% of global food and beverage spending. Halal foods are considered to be a popular, growing special category in new markets such as Asia and North America.


  1. E- commerce: Multinational food companies see e-commerce as a new business segment in order to increase sales in a dynamic market environment. As Z generation purchasing power increases, firms better understand the potential of electronic commerce. Turkey’s 50% of the population is under 30 age.


  1. Health: The trend towards health and wellness has increased interest for functional drinks with many beneficial ingredient additions. The organic food potential of Turkey and the alternative plants growing under this appropriate climate can offer different healthy food solutions.


  1. Fight against waste: Recent consumer awareness and concerns have resulted in the spread of food waste disputes to all aspects of society. Now, food and beverage companies are feeling pressure to be involved in this process.


  1. Special production / artisanal products: the interest of consumers in special products has become more prominent in recent years. Handmade, artisan drinks are demanding all over the world including Turkey.


  1. New era in agriculture: new agricultural methods have been developed to support sustainable and creative ways because of the effects of agriculture on the environment, the reduction of arable land and migration to the city. Turkey has very useful lands to develop under these trends.


  1. Coffee culture : Coffee is located in the center of the global beverage culture. First-class products are seen in all segments of the market, from small coffee to large instant coffee makers. In Turkey there are many third wave coffee makers and enterprises are developing. Also Turkish coffee has its own culture and is attracting many ideas and investors to create a trend in the market.


  1. Virtual reality : Virtual reality is seen as the most interesting and feasible ‘multi-sensory’ channel in the food and beverage field. Virtual reality requires scientists to test the taste of food in different settings; NGOs working in the conference room as if they were at the farm; Obesity allows researchers to interfere with the senses or reduce appetite and eat like a meal without entering the kitchen.


These are the future trends, but everything is evolving so fast in the food sector. Turkey is a growing country with a good geographical potential. Also the young population who is eager to learn fast and adopt technology, new trends can be the other attractive items. The individualism and work life lead people to eat outside, beign more and more experienced and selective.

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