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Mamas Lina Founder Barman, Turkey said it would be looking for an alternative to the address of garment importers due to coronavirus, “We are currently exported mainly to Europe and the Middle East, including the Gulf countries all textile products from Turkey to take the race,” he said.
Turkey realized last year to 17 billion 700 million 869 thousand dollars in garment and apparel exports, informed Barman, noted that the Turkish textile products reached almost every corner of the world.
Barman said that, Turkey’s employment is approaching 1.1 million to save the garment and textile industry in recent years, noting very fast stage, the quality and cost of Turkish textiles.
Expressing that in recent years, with the widespread use of technological and logistic opportunities, an increase in e-export, Barman emphasized that in this context, there is a serious internet sale in ready-to-wear.
Barman said ” Importer companies that could not go to China due to coronavirus are turning to other countries. Here one of the first countries from the minds of buyers Turkey. The fact that it has announced its name years ago in the sector and that it can produce high quality, fast and cost-effective makes our country attractive. In addition, our country stands out in terms of geographical location and logistics.”
Pınar Yılmaz Barman stated that buyers who are away from travel due to coronavirus tend to order online and gave the following information:
” Turkey’s leading baby clothing shopping site to the high demand coming from abroad. We expect great mobility in the domestic market thanks to this demand from us and other online sites operating in the industry. Because China’s most important market alternative is Turkey. Currently almost all of the Gulf and Middle East countries, especially in the race to get textile products from Turkey to Europe.”
Barman added, “The quality of this process in Turkey and for the first time customers into using the best aspects stand out like it would be a permanent affordable prices, exports and thus will increase in online sales.”