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2 billion 834 million 320 thousand liras incentive supports were given for the power plants generating electricity from renewable energy sources in Turkey.
Turkey, who wants to use local and renewable energy sources in the energy portfolio at the maximum level, is applying electricity purchase guarantee per kWh obtained from sources like wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, biomass and solar energy who are under cover by Renewable Energy Sources for the Support Mechanism (YEKDEM).
The mechanism provides incentives for kilowatt-hours of electricity, $ 7.3 / cent for wind and hydroelectricity, $ 10.5 / cent for geothermal, and $ 13.3 / cent for biomass and solar. These incentives can vary slightly depending on the use of domestic equipment.
According to the compilation made from the Energy Markets Management Inc. (EPİAŞ) data, 817 power plants benefited from the incentives within the scope of YEKDEM, with a total installed power of 21 thousand 49 megawatts.
A total of 2 billion 834 million 320 thousand 279 lira incentive payments were made to these power plants last month. 426 million 692 thousand 667 liras of this amount was allocated to power plants producing unlicensed electricity.
In January, the power plants within the scope of YEKDEM produced 5 million 336 thousand 150 megawatts of electricity. 4 million 784 thousand 351 megawatts of this has been met by licensed electricity production plants and 551 thousand 799 megawatts of unlicensed power generation plants.